Weatherproof and protect your walls with masonry coatings

We explain the different types of masonry wall coatings. We will help you discover which paint or coating is suitable for your house and the benefits it offers Is masonry paint best? Are wall coatings better? Paints and wall coatings come in many forms, mixtures, colours, effects and finishes, but which is right for...

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wall coatings finished

Spraying a textured wall coating near Exeter

Another example of a quality exterior wall coatings job and House Painting in Exeter Devon, completed in winter 2012. This lovely property suffered from green mould growing on the walls, plus an amount of damp, and hollow rendering. This blog post shows you the work we did in removing the green mould, repairing the...

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front of Scottish house after wall coatings in scotland

External wall coatings on a house in Scotland

Never paint again are well known in England and Wales for transforming homes with our legendary NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system, but did you know, we also cover most of Scotland too? Here’s our latest job from north of the border. This lovely “wee” house (!) in bonny Scotland was suffering from an...

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front after painting with a wall coating

Painting a Brick and Mock Tudor house, Bradford, with a wall coating

This modern house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, was part brick and part mock Tudor beam construction. The brickwork at ground level was in good condition but the panels had excessive flaking paint, and the beams around the mock Tudor features had become flaky and brittle....

Modern house after wall coatings painting

An executive house in Surrey freshly painted

This smart executive home in the Surrey “commuter belt” was in good condition and required very little repair but the owners wanted a maintenance free exterior wall finish…. Our teams got to work on the property without delay and took a considerable amount of time covering all the areas of the property that were...

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Main front AFTER wall coating image

Skegness ex-council house gets a new wall coating

This Lincolnshire property in Skegness was painted brick but suffered badly from flaking, plus the previous owners sense of humour with the house being bright red! A new look was needed…. The property, set in a delightful, quiet residential street has suffered from the elements and there was a lot of loose, cracked and...

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