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Are you searching for a reliable and trusted painter and decorator? We offer bespoke house painting services, rendering and exterior wall coatings across mosty areas of the UK.

As our house painting system is a bit different than most decorators, we thought we should explain how we go about painting a house.

This explains how we install our exterior wall coatings on your home using an 8 stage process.

a painter and decorator with van

We take great pride in our work and although each exterior house painting job we do is different from the previous one, we all follow the same routine or pattern, to get the job done right first time.

Our external wall covering service is NOT a “fancy paint job”, in fact far from it, which is why we don’t mind taking a bit of time to explain exactly how we apply our wall coatings as it is a bit different than you may have seen before.

Great care is taken in the preparation of each job from the day the contracting team turn up in the van, to the final inspection of the completed job.

This care is paramount as we are dealing with your largest asset, your home, and all of our surveyors, our work teams and inspectors treat your house and gardens with the utmost courtesy and respect.

reasons to choose wethertex

FAQ About The Application Of Exterior Wall Coatings‎

Here is a brief outline of what normally happens on a job………

1.) We carry out all external building repairs such as re-rendering, fixing cracks, injecting damp proof courses, replacing loose or missing pebbledash, re-rendering,  re-pointing bricks, and other repairs where needed etc. Any problem we find with your home exterior is professionally repaired before we continue.

Wall repairs

An extreme example of weather eroded bricks


2) Where houses are already painted, much work is usually done in removing the old flaky paint in preparation for the repair stage of the works. This is an important stage of the application process as we need a “sound” and problem-free surface to apply our painting system.


Cleaning walls

Power washing flaking paint off a wall
Power washing flaking paint off a wall

3) We then temporarily mask up all doors, pipes and windows, still allowing access to and from the building, and then lay lots of dustsheets to protect paths, lawns, patio areas etc.

This does not mean that we wrap your house up like an eBay parcel (!), you can still get in and out as you wish, but we do take a lot of time in preventing mess as we realise your home is not a building site!

Masking up the house

Masked up house and applying primer.
The house masked up and primer being applied


4) We then apply a sand/cement and bonding primer (depending on wall type) which is known as bag rubbing or bagging. (*For brick, stone & pebbledash only)

Unibond® PVA is sometimes added to the mortar mix to improve workability and elasticity.

Applying primer (1)

elburton bungalow masking and bagging


5) We then hand or spray-apply a special NEVER PAINT AGAIN primer coat over the whole house and allow to dry, whilst we set up the next stage.

In some cases the primer can also be sprayed onto the surface of the house, although during windy days this is discouraged.

Applying primer (2)

slushing priming a wall before wall coating
One of our lads applying coatings by hand as a primer coat. We used 2 coats of primer on this job as the bricks were in a poor state to start with.


6) Afterwards we apply our flexible top coat of wall coatings with a special industrial spray machine (A “Graco president”) we have specially imported from the United States, which fuses the paint coating to the walls of your home and ensures that the weather will in future not do any damage at all to your home. Sometimes we use “Clarke” spraying systems too, it depends on the job.

Textured wall coatings are very dense and viscous paints and therefore cannot be applied with a brush or roller like normal masonry paint can, so we have to use these special spray machines which spray the wall coating at high pressure onto the house.


7) We then remove all masking and dustsheets and hand finish the whole job to perfection, clearing away any waste that has been generated as a result of the work, leaving your home cleaner than when we arrived!

All of our contractors teams are factory trained, highly skilled, courteous and helpful. Each of our operatives are skilled builders in their own right & often are available to do other aspects of home improvement work in addition to the walls….

Tidying up afterwards


Packing away our tools and cleaning the site once finished

8) The final part is the customer inspection and payment of the balance of the works, at a guaranteed price arranged beforehand and in writing, so no nasty surprises or extra costs EVER.

Your writtem warranty is valid from the day the team finishes, and you would recieve documents within 28 days from the end of the work.

And that is it, job finished!

A happy customer couple admiring their newly sprayed house

You can then sit back and enjoy your clean, bright, fresh new look house

You would normally receive a further site visit after the job has finished as a courtesy call and for us to inspect the installation of our wall coatings on your home.

This is also to satisfy ourselves that each and every installation meets with our strict quality control guidelines. You would be issued with your personalised 20 year written guarantee shortly after.

Your house can be turned from something like this

Front of house in Bristol with primer for exterior wall coatings

With a bit of elbow grease from our decorating teams

Your house can look like this

A new house but at the same address with wethertex wall coatings

The paint finish on the walls of this house will now need to be repainted for over 20 years.

Our exterior wall coating system means you do NOT have to have your house walls repainted every couple of years. This painting system is NOT as expensive as you may think and a wide variety of colours are also available.

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