FAQ frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 UPDATE January 2021: We are still OPEN for business and we are able to deal with your enquiry over the phone, email and/or video chat.  We are fully able also to carry out work to the outside of your home safely and using social distancing.

1. How much do your wall coating and house painting services cost?

By far the most asked question since our inception back in 1986 is “how much does it cost?” If you want to know about prices, no problem.

We are happy to give an estimate of cost over the phone, for having your house painted, rendered, repaired or wall coated, and the call is without obligation!

To speak to a team member today, please call us any time on 0800 970 4928. UK only.

If you need a more exact estimate, you can email us, providing photos if that helps, and your contact phone number, however, please note the final price would be subject to a survey to ascertain the exact cost before we agree to do the work on your home for a certain cost.

This would be confirmed in writing. Quotes and estimates via email only are not possible, sorry. No phone number, no quotation.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, cheques and bank transfers.

2. What’s the difference between normal masonry paint and a Never Paint Again wall coating?

Never Paint Again external wall coatings last over 20 years. Even the best masonry paint lasts 2 or 3 at the most!

Most exterior wall paint, the masonry paint type that your local painter and decorator will supply, has usually a finite lifespan of around 2 years only, and is essentially coloured water, providing no long term weather resistance at all.

The external wall coatings used by us are resin based and flexible, and having it on your home is the same as having twenty coats of ordinary masonry paint. This means not only do you get 20 times what your painter could supply, it also lasts 20 times as long!

We are also able to paint your house house 12 months of the year, not only during the warmer weather. Unlike a typical paint job, we carry out all the repairs needed to your home, unlike your local man who will literally “paper over the cracks.”

Our exterior wall coating system can be applied in temperatures as low as minus 5, so no matter what time of year, you can have the outside of your home painted!

Remember to always choose the best and the genuine Never Paint Again product each and very time.

We are the only online seller of this system and have been for many years.

If it is not on this website or one of our social media channels, it’s a cheap fake.

3. Why should I choose Never Paint Again?

We can’t and won’t force or coerce you to choose us over another home improvement company, the decision is up to you.

To reassure you, we are run by two families who started in the industry at the very bottom, many years ago, in fact way back in 1986.

Our website has been online since 1999 and has been featured in top magazines, the radio and even on the TV, both in the UK and abroad!

Unlike many smaller wall coating companies, we do not use subcontractors, all teams work for us only.

In addition, many wall coating companies purchase generic branded coating materials that are made with cheap alkyd resins, but we worked for 3 years with our supplier to formulate the most durable and hard wearing textured coatings available, made with top quality pliolite resins.

If you want your house painted by experts, if you want the best customer service, if you want the best quality materials used, choose us.

Remember, most wall coating companies in the UK offer only a 15 year warranty, but we offer a 20 year warranty, and since we have been doing this since 1986, we know for certain our coatings last as long as we say they do and they are subject to accelerated weather tests by an independent organisation.


4. Can I buy and/or apply your products myself?

Sorry, no, we do not sell DIY or trade products, we are a service provider.

We do NOT sell paint.

Your local builder or painter also cannot buy or install our systems.

We offer “supply and fit” on all wall covering and render products.

This means we can always control quality.

If you have a general question that is not about the services we offer, please post your question on our Facebook page and a member of the admin team will be only too happy to answer your DIY questions.


5. What wall coating services do you offer?

The main focus of our everyday work involves repairing, and rendering and/or painting, the exteriors of houses and commercial buildings.

Our external wall coating systems are suitable for all types of wall and essentially are semi permanent, long life, seamless, weatherproof and decorative finishes.

We offer two main exterior wall coating services:

a) Coloured spray-applied exterior wall coatings. Suitable for all exterior wall surfaces.

b) Transparent spray applied wall coatings. Suitable for unpainted brick or stone walls.

Both our house decorating systems are applied by our own teams, not sub contractors.

As part of all systems offered, we do a full repair programme as part of the work, which includes rendering, crack repairs, alterations, damp proofing and generally making good of the house exterior.

6. What is your service coverage area?

We cover all of England and Wales, via a network of agents and contractors local to you.

We have offices in Plymouth (Devon), Leeds (West Yorkshire) and London. In summer 2018, we opened our fourth regional office, in Leicester.

As we cover a wide area, our representatives are prepared to travel to see customers, within reason, so it costs nothing to ask us if we cover your town or city.

We do not offer service anywhere in Scotland, Ireland or Ulster, sorry for any disappointment.

7. What are the benefits of having an exterior wall coating on my home?

Having us repair and paint your house with a wall coating bring many benefits to both your family and the house itself, the main one being that repainting of the property is not needed for up to 25 years.

As the paint system we use does not need to re-applied for at least 20 years, you will save money in not having to get the house painted over time.

The coating also cuts wind chill too, meaning your heating bills will be lower and your home will be more comfortable. Your house will of course look fabulous from the outside too!

If your house has damp or condensation, this will also be cured permanently, creating a more healthy environment for all your family and pets. If you are trying to sell your house, it will increase the kerb appeal of the property and potentially make it easier to sell for the price you want.

8. How do I arrange a quote for some home improvement work I need doing?

Arranging a quote and a survey visit is easy.

Please go to the contact page or alternatively, call the team on (0800) 970 4928 for an informal chat about how we can help you.

After contacting us via email, you can also subsequently arrange an online quote from the comfort and safety of your own home.

This is done via an informal video call with one of our estimators, using apps such as face time, whatsapp and so on, plus we can also accommodate hearing impaired customers too.

All details are held in confidence and we do not operate any form of cold calling, spam or telemarketing with anyone’s details.

Please note that for our own insurance reasons, you must be the legal and current owner of the house to request a survey and quote; no tenants or people who have not yet bought the property in question.

Updated June 2018: We are fully compliant with the new GDPR privacy and data protection laws.

9. So if I contact you, what happens next?

We speak to you first (by phone or email) at your request, to find out your requirements and give you ample time to check us out if you wish.

We then, if you want,  arrange a date and time to visit your house to survey and measure the property (free of charge) and prepare a written specification and quote for you.

We point out any problems you may have on the outside of your house such as hollow render, pebbledash, damp patches or cracks etc. and explain what has happened and how we can fix it.

We’ll also show you samples of our product and photos of previous jobs.

We then work out a fixed price quotation for you.

This is a guaranteed price with no hidden charges or surprises.

If you decide to go ahead and have the work done, we prepare some simple paperwork with you, outlining exactly what work we are doing to the house, and for a fixed price.

When a survey visit takes place, it is worth noting that you would be under absolutely no obligation at all, the service is free, and we do not pressure or “sales talk” our customers at any time.

10. Do you fully guarantee your work and materials?

Yes, all workmanship and materials come with a 20 year guarantee.

Our contractors will issue to you a 20 year warranty upon completion of the work you ask us to do on your home, and upon receiving payment in full once the job is finished.


11. What does the price include?

The price includes all proposed work and materials, equipment hire etc, scaffolding, admin fees, VAT and the issuing of the guarantee.

To reassure you further, all monies paid to one of our approved contractors by cash, bank transfer or cheque, are covered by third party insurance cover, meaning any deposit paid, and any final balance, is completely protected.

We are also able to accept funds to cover deposits and staged payments for work, via your credit card.

12. What if I have already had a cheaper quote?

Then we promise to beat that quote, without question! You get what you pay for in life.

Please inform your local agent that you have received other quotes and provided you can give him or her written proof, we should be able to do the same work at a cheaper cost, but without compromising on quality in any way.

We also have various offers and sales throughout the year so contact us to find out what’s on offer right now.

13. What about Insurances?

Yes, all teams carry the correct licenses and insurances and posses the correct skills, equipment and training, to ensure a trouble free time of working on your property, and all staff are health and safety trained.

We also have public liability insurance over £1 million pounds worth of cover.

14. Do your teams need access to the inside of my house?

No, not at all.  All our contractors come fully equipped with everything they need to do the job and have the minimum impact on your daily life.

Our work is concentrated on the exterior of your house and as such it is rare to require any access inside at all. They sometimes require a power supply or access to an outside tap for water, for mixing cement etc, but that is it.

15. Can I expect a return on my investment?

Almost certainly yes of course.

Money spent with us is money well spent as any surveyor will tell you that a property that is both weatherproofed, resistant to damp, and with a maintenance free exterior that looks really good, will increase the value and kerb appeal of your house.

The guarantees issued are also transferable to any new owners when you sell in the future, giving your home a unique selling point that your neighbours simply won’t have.

The amount of investment in your house will, in most cases, offer at least double that as the value of your home will increase to compensate what was spent on the work.

16. Will your wall coating system reduce my home energy bills?

In a word, yes!

Our standard range of transparent Wetherdry and coloured spray-applied Never Paint Again wall coatings will not only save in future painting and maintenance, the system will also stop damp, condensation, mould, cold walls and wind chill.

This will give your home a warmer feeling and will see your household heating bills decrease over time.

17. Can your wall coating products be applied all year round?

Yes. Our coating systems contain no water, and as such can be used in sub zero temperatures as cold as minus 5, and also the coating is resistant to damp weather.

This means that in most cases, your property can be repaired and painted externally, no matter what month of the year.

18. Do you do small areas such as garden walls?

No, sorry, we work on the entire elevation, or at least a large part, of the house exterior.

It is not cost effective for us to send a team around to do a tiny area like a porch or garden wall or something.

Due to the amount of calls we get on a regular basis about painting garden walls, please note we do not paint garden walls on their own, unless you are having the rest of the house painted as well!

We are a national company and NOT a “chap down the road” or a local handyman, and as such we cannot and will not drive potentially hundreds of miles to paint a garden wall.

We’ll do it if you have your house painted at the same though!

19. Are you a franchise?

No, we are not a franchise. Our organisation is an independently run family company, since 1986 and online since 1999 and uphold the highest values in all we do.

20. Are my details safe when I contact you?

Yes. Any information submitted to us is classed as confidential and is not shared or sold to third parties.

You can also request that any info we hold about you is deleted.

We have now updated our policy with a new GDPR compliant policy

21. My question has not been answered here. Can I speak to someone?

Yes, of course, please find our contact details below.

We are open 7 days a week for email enquiries, and our call centre is open 6 days a week (not including bank holidays). The only 2 days we close are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

If you just want to leave a message, call us for free, out of hours, on our confidential voicemail service.

After submitting the contact form you can use your email app to send photos, but please ATTACH the images to your email, do not embed them into the text please.

You can call us on 0800 970 4928. We’re on the other end of the phone 6 days a week.

In the mean time, we have another FAQ page for some of the more obscure and random questions we get asked, and you can find here the questions and answers