gable end of house after a new wall coating

Exterior house painting and repairs do up this house in Litchfield. This paint finish is now guaranteed for 20 years!

This detached property in Litchfield (Staffordshire) had issues with cracked render and flaking paint, something the owner knew would not be solved with just a lick of fresh paint.

All issues on this property were solved with our Never Paint Again exterior wall coating system, a special sprayed on paint that lasts over 20 years and is guaranteed to NOT fade, flake, crack, chip or peel.

Take a look at the amount of work we did to this home to bring it up to standard.

The problem here, which you will know if you live in a painted and rendered house, is the fact that once a wall is painted, it normally needs to be re-done after only 2 years.

Our wall coating system does not need to be repainted for 20 years, guaranteed.

No one really likes the prospect of, every 2 years or so, finding a decorator to paint the house exterior do they?

The hassle of actually finding an exterior house painter reliable and capable, the hassle of getting at least 3 quotes (Which we would recommend you do) and the hassle of the work taking place itself.

Every couple of years, people dread that.

Well, worry no more, as if you choose our long life wall coating system, you only have to deal with one company (us) and only have to have workmen around once in 2 decades. That in itself is a huge money saving encounter.

So why are we different to your local exterior house painting company?

First off, a traditional exterior decorator will simply PAINT the walls and that is pretty much it.

Very rarely will they do any prep work or repairs to the walls, meaning you get left with a job that is literally “papering over the cracks” and won’t last very long at all. We don’t want that situation do we?

Here we can see the results of repairs to cracks and hollow rendering

front of house with cracked render repaired

Once the repairs are done, and the primer and then the top coat is applied, you will never even know that repairs had been carried out to the walls. You literally won’t see them.

After the repairs are done, we mask up the doors and windows and lay dust sheets down, to avoid the potential for any mess.

The next stage is to hand apply the primer to each area of wall

Applying primer paint to the walls before spraying wall coating

The primer is important as it consolidates the wall surface and gives the wall a good starting point to apply the top coat, which is put on to the house by spray.

This gets into all the nooks and crannies on the wall, plus it’s a lot faster to paint a house using spray than brushes or rollers.

Because our wall coating is a very thick and viscous paint type substance, it cannot be painted, it has to go through a spray machine.

Here we see the gable end of the house having primer painted on

priming a repaired wall ready for a new wall coating

Once the primer has dried, we set up the spray machine and prepare the tubs of wall coating to be fed into the machine whilst spraying is going on.

This is a 2 man job to keep things running smoothly.

As you can see we also work safely and use a scaffold when needed.

We have a zero on-site accident rate just in case you are wondering?

The spraying of the wall coating is a very quick process compared to brushes or rollers

Spraying wethertex wall coating to house in Staffordshire

Once the final top coat has been applied, we remove the masking paper and dust sheets and give the site a good clean up.

We then hand finish the job by going over it with a keen eye, to make sure nothing is amiss.

Now this house will not need painting for 20 years and that comes with a guarantee too.

Unlike masonry paint, this system is resin-based and will also therefore cure all kinds of damp.

We have been doing this since 1986, and have completed hundreds of wall coating projects up and down the country. We are also members of TrustaTrader and have passed their very thorough vetting scheme.

References are available upon request if this sort of work interests you.

If you would like to find out more about this wall coating system, and how much it costs, give us a call on 0800 970 4928

You can also email us a quote request if that is more convenient.

Speak soon.


Customer review of the work we did to this house

Dear James

We would like to let you know how very pleased we are with the work that Danny and Jake put in to ‘restore’ our house.

They were not only extremely hard working, tidying up afterwards, but a happy pair to have around and nothing was too much trouble.

The weather was mostly on our side too.

Thank you for sending us Danny and Jake. You have two hard working guys and we hope they are appreciated.

Denise and Mike


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