Front of stoke house after wall coatings

Painting a house in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, with a sprayed wall coating

Ay oop me dooks, as they say in Stoke! If you are looking for a painter and decorator covering the Stoke area, you’ve come to the right website.

Once upon a time……. well, not actually that long ago, we painted a house in the potteries, namely the historic city of Stoke on Trent, in Staffordshire.

It was one of the larger homes in the typical streets of Hanley, small terraced homes, but due to the size of this, it was probably a kiln managers house as it was bigger than the rest.

This house in Stoke needed to be painted every 2 years so the owners wanted a longer term paint solution

There is a major drawback with masonry paint, and that is ability to last more than about 12 to 18 months before it needs to be done again although your average Stoke on trent decorator won’t tell you that as he wants to see you again next year.

In the case of a large house like this, with the additional expense of scaffolding, you could be looking at spending a small fortune over a 20 year period in keeping the house freshly painted.

There is a solution to this and despite the fancy website (ED: Thank you!) our prices are surprisingly LOW for such high quality, long life painting!

In fact so confident are we of our everyday LOW prices that if you can find cheaper from another Textured coating company, we will refund the difference and beat that quote!

An approved Exterior wall coating should always be used

The special exterior wall coatings system we used on this particular job was fully approved by the BBA and building regulations and has been used by us, from the same factory too, since 1986 so we KNOW the product works

We also KNOW that when we say this wall coating will NOT fade, crack, chip or peel, we KNOW it won’t!

A typical, spray applied textured masonry coating, will lasts upwards of 25 years, so it is going to be the year 2028 before this home needs painting again!

So what did this house look life before we started?

Painting a house in Stoke, from start to finish.

Front of house in Stoke before painting
The Front of the house in Stoke before painting


The façade of this house in Stoke on Trent needed some serious attention before we could apply our product to the house.

There was a problem with various frost-damaged bricks, flaky paint and general damage by the weather.

In addition the painted-on mock tudor beams didn’t look great and the owner wanted them gone and to be frank with you, they did look a little bit out of character anyway!

We got to work repairing the damaged areas and then started to mask up the windows to apply the special primer paint for the outside walls.

Primer for wall coatings being applied


Masked up house and applying primer.
The house masked up and primer being applied


Once the walls had had the repairs done, the windows were protected and all the primer had been painted on, then we got our special spray machine out of the van.

We mixed the paint and then sprayed on a thick coat of NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured masonry coating.

And the house now looks like this!

Another completed example of our exterior house painting in stoke, staffordshire

A house in stoke on trent with textured coatings
A house in stoke on Trent with textured coatings

The paint on this house will now last for at least 20 years, fully guaranteed!

We work across the UK of course, not just doing house painting only in Stoke on Trent, and a quick look at our before and after gallery pages will prove that!

However if you are browsing into this page from somewhere in Staffordshire, we work across the county.

We have completed various jobs around Alsager, Newcastle, Uttoxeter, Tunstall, Hanley (duck!), Keele, Leycett, Werrington, Stockton brook, consall, Trentham, Leek, pretty much all over.

Give us a call today on 0800 970 4928 and “Never Paint Again!”


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