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Wall coating the exterior of a Vicarage in Lincolnshire

Praise the Lord! (LOL) Our latest exterior painting and refurbishment project is an old vicarage in Lincolnshire which had hollow render, cracks and bad flaky paint. Transformed with one application of the NPA Wall coating system.

This lovely old vicarage, possibly dating back around 300 years, was, of course, right next to the church, which you can see in some of the pictures below.

The property suffered from frequent exterior painting which never seemed to last and the owners had to constantly repainting the outside time and time again.

Of course, when someone has to pay that kind of money each year, it doesn’t take long to realise that one application of a special weather-proof wall coating can banish exterior painting for good!

So here is what we did to the exterior of this quaint little house.

This house had a previous spray coating on it but it was applied by a defunct wall coating firm in Lincolnshire and although it did last for many years, it certainly did not last for the full 15 years because, we presume, it was not done properly. We did another job in Lincolnshire a few months before.

Just look at the damp coming out of the bricks in the image below.


failed spray coating and damp bricks
A previous poorly applied wall coating which trapped damp.

It was obvious that this house needed some serious attention.

Another issue the owners had to deal with was quite a bit of flaking paint, which once again, was caused by an exterior wall coating not being applied correctly.


flaky paint due to penetrating damp
flaky paint due to penetrating damp and hollow render

What we did to the house.

Well, firstly we had to spend time undoing the mistakes caused by the cowboy wall coatings company who did this shockingly bad quality installation.

We had to removed the failed spray coating, and the other paint that was flaking away on the walls, fix the cracks that had appeared in the walls, and also attend to some areas of hollow rendering.


We then masked up the windows ready for the primer.

cracks repaired and masking done ready for primer
Cracks repaired and masking done ready for primer

We then laid dustsheets all around the vicarage to protect the tarmac paths and then made sure the garden and the flowers were carefully covered.

We then applied one coat of NPA”slush coat” primer and allowed to dry, before powering up our Graco President spray machine, to apply the NPA wall coating product to the walls.

The spray machine shoots the paint onto the house and fuses it to the wall. Now this lovely old place will not need any more work doing to it for at least 20 years, BECAUSE WE DO THE JOB PROPERLY!!

And finally……this, oh faithful fans of NPA, is what we ended up with!


front of house showing church
Have faith in NEVER PAINT AGAIN!


All work comes with a 20 year, insurance backed warranty.

More details upon request. Give us a call today on 0800 970 4928.

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