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Our painters and decorators paint a bungalow in Exeter with a wall coating and what a difference it made!

If you own a house that seems to always need painting then this may be of interest to you.

This particular pebbledashed bungalow in Exeter, Devon, had the full NEVER PAINT AGAIN external wall coating treatment and is now maintenance free.

This project page shows the various stages of painting the exterior of a house, with our special wall coatings which outlast paint many times over.

This page shows exactly what our painting team did in terms of preparation, and applying the coatings in the various stages.

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our latest wall coatings painting project, in Exeter.

As we have had a strong presence in the west country since the 1980’s, many people choose to come to us to have their house painted, instead of getting quotes from other wall coating companies farther afield.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a personal, responsive and professional service for their home, and this page shows you exactly what we do when someone orders our wall coating service from the Plymouth office. (Tel: 0800 970 4928)

It is worth noting that the wall coating and painting work on this bungalow was completed without any problems at all during DECEMBER, clearly showing that our wall coating service can be done at any time of the year.

It is also worth noting that the owners contacted several decorating companies in Devon and asked for estimates but as it was winter time, many of them could not be bothered to come and see the house as they only work in the warmer seasons!

If you want your home painted, even if it is in poor condition, our teams can do the job 12 months of the year, mainly as we don’t use water based paints or the sort of exterior paint your decorator uses, we use special weatherproof wall coverings.

These wall coatings are technically a high-build paint, which has to be applied by spray rather than a brush or a paint roller.

Preparing for a Wall Coating treatment

The first thing that the team do when they arrive and introduce themselves, is to get the tools and equipment out that they need to start work, and off we go with the power-washer first, which removed all dirt and grime that may have accumulated on the pebbledash.


Pebble-dash cleaning


Once the house walls are washed, it is time to do a full visual check around each of the walls, to ascertain whether any repairs need to be done.

This particular house was in quite good condition and, apart from one or two minor cracks in the pebble-dash, the property was in quite good order.

Of course this makes the job easier for us, plus it does not cost the client as much as there is less work to do in order to apply the wall coating products.

It’s also great from our point of view to decorate a bungalow as we do not even have to take the ladders off the roof of the van!

The extent of wall repairs that are needed to each project we take on does vary somewhat, as does the type of repair needed.

Brick houses often need to be re-pointed, rendered houses often have to be re-rendered, and so on.

This is what the rear looked like before we started.

A nice house, but I’m sure many would agree, it lacks that certain “oomph” that a house like this should normally command. Not to worry!

Rear before wall coatings

The Wall coating process briefly explained

Because any type of paint should not be applied directly onto pebbledash, we must start the first of a 2 stage primer process, after carefully making up the windows to protect them.

The first stage is called Bagging, and this is a slurry mix of sand, cement, water and unibondĀ®, which is hand painted onto the walls like this….

Exterior wall coating primer stage one

Rear showing masking and bagging primer before wall coatings

As you can see in this image, we have masked up the house, laid dust sheets down to protect the lawn etc, and then hand-applied the first part of the primer which is cement based.

It not only sticks any loose stones from the pebbledash firmly to the wall so they never drop out again, but it also gives a good surface for the second primer coating, again, hand applied by the team.

Exterior wall coating primer stage two


Primer for wall coating being applied
This shows us painting the primer


Once the primer has been applied all the way around the house, we allow this to dry and then start to prepare for the final application of our weatherproof and crack-proof exterior wall coating house painting system.

Once we sprayed the walls with NPA masonry coatings, we removed the masking and cleared away all the waste and rubbish, and hand finished the coating for maximum quality and presentation to the customer.

The finished result with Never Paint Again Wall Coatings!

…and here is the finished job!

never paint again wall coatings


This house will now be protected from the wet south west weather, cold, frost and damp, and the textured coating will not fade, crack, chip or peel, so no more painting for these lucky people!

Exterior wall coated homes are often much easier to sell in future years as the new owner benefits from the 20 year guarantee, which is a document the contractor issues once works have been carried out, and stays with the house for the duration.

Why not take a look at some of the never paint again reviews on our site to reassure you?

Exterior textured masonry wall coatings are not as expensive a process as you think, especially compared to painting every single year, so why not give your local NPA agent a call today on (0800) 970 4928

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