front of house in essex with a wethertex wall coating

An advanced textured wall coating for a house with rendered walls, in Chelmsford, Essex

Now and again many householders come to the point where they get fed up of paying to keep their house looking nice on the outside.

Nothing to do with “keeping up with the Joneses”, it’s just taking pride in where you live.

That doesn’t mean they have given up, it means they look for something more advanced, something that doesn’t need constant painting like masonry paint does.

They look for something long life, like these homeowners in Essex did, after asking us to paint their home with our advanced wall coatings system.

The reason it is so advanced is that it was specially formulated during the past few years, with a collaboration from the never paint again team, and Wetherby Stone, manufacturers of the revolutionary Wethertex MP44 Exterior textured masonry coating.

It lasts for over 20 years!

Here is what we did to repair render and paint a house in Chelmsford, Essex.

We used the longest lasting and most durable exterior masonry coating system on the UK market today.

The main benefit of having an advanced masonry coating instead of paint is the simple fact that the coatings we use last over 20 years, and that comes with a 20 year guarantee as well.

It outlasts masonry paint many times over, so this is what we did.

The first thing we did was carry out the repairs to the exterior walls.

render repair to front of house in essex


As you can see, even before we start, we protect floor areas such the brick paved driveway here, with dust sheets, so we never leave any mess.

Our workmen are so clean and tidy, you would never know that we had been here working on the house

We then mask up the windows, guttering and pipes as you can see, again to stop mess, and then repaired the areas of bad render and applied a stabiliser coat to the wall.

Any company offering wall coatings in Essex should always do this, without fail.

We use a stabiliser to provide a superior finish once it is painted. Here is the side wall

side of house after rendering


As you can see again, no mess!

Now the 1st primer is on, our team got to work applying the second primer to the walls, by hand, and then we had to allow it a few hours to dry before we carried out with the next priming stage, which can be seen in the photo below.

Work in progress on the side wall

side of house with primer


Once the primer is finished, we then get our spray machine out of the van, and connect it to our air compressor, which we tow at the back of the van, and you can see it in the photo at the front.

Once the coating is mixed up and ready to be sprayed, our supervisor starts spraying the paint onto the walls.

This is by the far the quickest part of the job.

We take probably two thirds of the time at your house doing the preparation, that is something a painter and decorator in Essex would generally not do.

And here is the side wall having had the Wethertex wall coating sprayed onto the surface.

side of house with a new wall coating

The advanced exterior wall coating we used on this house means that for the next 20 years this house will stay looking as white as it does today, and we guarantee that too.

All products we use are subject to advanced weather testing in an independent laboratory, so we KNOW they last as long as we say.

We have plenty of NEVER PAINT AGAIN REVIEWS from very happy customers who will attest to our claims.

Here is the rear of the house, now with a weatherproof wall coating from NEVER PAINT AGAIN

rear of house in essex with a wethertex wall coating by never paint again

At a glance: The benefits of having this wall coating system on your home

  • Will never crack, chip or peel
  • It lasts for 2 decades
  • Resistant to fading so it keeps its colour
  • Resistant to pollution, rain and extreme weather
  • Walls never go green, even in shaded areas
  • The coating is self cleaning and maintenance free
  • Available in a variety of textures and colours
  • It saves money because it doesn’t need to be re-done every year
  • Suitable for pebbledash, stone, brick and rendered houses
  • A survey and price quote is completely free and without pressure


Wethertex masonry coatings

How much does a never paint again exterior wall coating cost?

The cost of the service is obviously more expensive than having it painted normally, but you save money over 20 years as you do not have to pay anyone else to repaint it, it really does last that long.

Of course we don’t just paint houses in Essex, we cover the whole of England.

If you have read all of this article, you can probably tell by now that the service we offer is FAR MORE THAN PAINTING, with a full repair programme, no matter how bad a condition the house is in.

We have a lot more information about textured wall coatings around the site too.

Our costs start from only £3,500 inc VAT, so there has never been a better time to save money, get your house spruced up and weatherproofed ready for winter, and get it looking great, all year round! Most jobs we do take less than 5 days.

“How do I get a quote for one of these wall coatings on my house?”

It’s very easy to do, just pick up the phone and call us on 0800 970 4928

(If you are browsing on a phone, go to the foot of this page for a TAP TO DIAL link.)

You can also use our secure contact form here but remember to include your phone number when you message us. Our service is available across the UK.

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