cottage in cumbria with new never paint again exterior wall coating

Textured exterior wall coatings renovate this Cumbrian cottage

Here is another exterior wall coating contract just completed by one of our teams. This house was a cottage in Cumbria, and the owners wanted a long term decorating solution that would not break the bank. We used both of our wall coating systems on this property, “Never paint again” textured wall coatings, and “Wetherdry”...Continue reading

front of property completed wall coating job

Spray applied wall coatings, an example in Bath, Somerset

If your house needs painting this year, no matter where in the UK you are, this example page may help you decide! Our latest completed spray wall coating job in Bath, Somerset, on a very smart modern house. This property received the full Never paint again protective coating system and now benefits from a maintenance...Continue reading

Greg clark decorators london

We interview central London Painter and Decorator Greg Clark

Continuing with our theme of interviewing prominent figures in the trade, we are talking to Greg Clark from Central London. If you want to be interviewed by the editor, then drop us a line using the contact form above. It’s completely free and although we don’t promise to publish every single interview, we will certainly...Continue reading

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