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Welcome to our website!

“Never Paint Again UK” are the UK’s number one house painting company.

We specialise in repairing the outsides of all kinds of homes, business premises, hotels, historic properties or listed buildings, and painting them with one of our range of durable exterior wall coating systems. All of our work carries a 20 year, insurance-backed guarantee.

Our permanently LOW prices mean that our approved contractors can offer you a range of high quality exterior home improvements across England, Wales and Scotland, at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Our family run company has been at the forefront of exterior home improvements in the UK since the mid 1980’s and we are run by experts, real people, NOT salesmen!

We have offices around the UK, with main depots in Plymouth, Leeds, Leicester and London.

One of the things that make us stand out from the crowd is the fact that we can install our famous weather-beating wall coverings DURING WINTER, something that your local decorator has never been able to do.

Why choose “NPA Never Paint Again” to paint your house?


Since 1986, we have extensive experience in repairing and painting all types of houses, in every corner of the UK and we are confident that we can help you too. All our work comes with an insurance backed guarantee, issued direct from the contractor, so you can be assured of total peace of mind if you choose to do business with us.

All payments made to us, or one of our approved contractors, are covered by a 3rd party liability insurance policy, and that includes any deposits paid too, which means that there is NEVER any chance at all that you may lose your money.

It’s 100% covered.

Time-served, experienced, competent and professional workmen!


The NPA philosophy is simple:

We take as much care with your house as we would with our own home.

We provide a range of house refurbishment solutions to combat any problems that you may have with your house, and suggest value for money and effective solutions to cure the issues.

Meet the NPA Never Paint Again team!



NPA has been featured on the TV and several radio stations, and have also had much of our work mentioned or featured on some top home décor websites around the globe. You may also have seen or heard about us in some very well known magazines over the years.

We offer home improvement services across England, Wales and Scotland.

We are still local to you, it’s just that good news travels fast and we have gained an international reputation for our work on houses and other buildings around the UK.

We started working with special exterior wall coatings way back in 1986, then we created a basic website in 1999, and then 2003 saw us moving ahead with the very website you are on now.

We have agents placed across the UK so no matter where you live, we can help you.

The 2 main services we offer…

  1. Spray applied exterior wall coatings

  2. Transparent wall coatings for unpainted stone and brick

All works come with a full programme of repairs.

These would typically include curing damp, fixing render, replacing bad pebbledash, replacing UPVC pipes and fascias, minor alterations, fixing broken bricks, re-rendering houses, and so on.


So who is behind the NPA brand?

guy alexander bell editor of NPA-min

“Pleased to meet you! How can I help?”


The creator of the UK version of Never Paint Again, Ex- University of Plymouth honours graduate Guy Alexander Bell, spent time working with painting contractors in the USA, and came back to blighty with a sack full of great ideas learnt from his American associates. Guy lives in Devon.

In January 2018, Guy was awarded the title of “Mould expert” (!) by the Trinity Mirror group of newspaper, appearing in at least 10 of their regional newspapers offering advice about damp and mould, although he say’s it makes him sound like “Stig of the dump”….!

 Experience and skills gained in the USA

Guy’s time working with some major paint brands in many countries overseas gave him a wealth of first hand knowledge of what clients really want and he quickly learnt how to be a successful house painting contractor!

And in an uncertain world, you can be assured that everyone who works with us is experienced and qualified to do work of the highest quality and it is why we are still here!

Our customers love us!

Our success is not only due to the highest customer service that we offer, and also our in-depth technical expertise and know-how in the textured wall coatings and specialist masonry coating industry.

It is arguably also down to the high level of satisfaction our customers enjoy, and the support and encouragement they give us.

If a jobs worth doing, its worth doing right!

So that’s exactly what we do.

Thank you for visiting NEVER PAINT AGAIN

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