A home in Cheshire with cracked walls

What happens if you don’t look after the outside of your house?

The exterior walls of houses get a real hammering from the British weather and with the recession now in it’s umpteenth year, paying to keep a house in good condition becomes a struggle for many instead of a pleasure.

We often take what we see every day for granted, the exterior of the house being a prime example.

If we can’t see anything wrong, we forget about it, but often that is too late, and results in a hefty bill for render repairs or damp proofing.

Many house, especially ones located on top of hills or on coastal areas, suffer badly from the rain, wind and sleet, and paint bought from a shop will not last very long at all.

If the house in question needs painting each year, over a period of only 10 or 15 years, the cost to the owner can mount tremendously, especially if scaffolding and special tools need to be hired each time.

Having an exterior wall coating will most certainly give the outside of your house as much protection as it needs.

Wall rendering is just as important for your home.

Another important aspect of exterior wall coatings is the protection they afford to rendering which is of course the hard cement based coating applied to the outside of most UK houses.

A house in warrington Cheshire with an exterior wall coating

Rendering cracks when water soaks into it and freezes, because normal paint does not protect the walls, it only decorates.

When render or pebbledash starts to crack, the water seeps in even more and during the colder nights it freezes, akin to the ice in an ice cube tray in your freezer.

As you may know, the water expands, so imagine this happening in your walls!

The water expands so much it pushes the pebbledash or rendering away from the wall, causing damp to start coming into the house.

This can cause black mould spores inside, which when released into the air, are very bad for health.

What can be done to protect my home exterior?

Exterior wall coatings cure all of this as to be applied correctly, all bad render must be removed and replaced, before the wall coating is applied to the house.

The coating is applied in 2 stages, after repairs are carried out, and once on the house, it is a brilliant paint finish that does not fade, crack, chip or peel and many wall coating companies offer a guarantee that lasts for around 20 years.

Your home is perhaps the most important purchase that you will make in your life time and most people are aware of the fact that homes get a battering from the British weather from time to time!

Wall Coatings are by far the best way to protect your home against penetrating damp, brick erosion, cracking in render, and loose pebbledash.

Most of these exterior wall problems stem from water, or at least its unwelcome intrusion into our house, which often causes penetrating damp.

Whilst it is tempting to suggest that we “seal up” our houses to prevent water coming in, that isn’t a good idea.


Because houses need to breathe and no, they don’t have lungs like humans, but what we mean is, a house as made of several different types of materials, all of which expand and contract in some way, according to the ambient temperature.

In addition, people living in a house create moisture in the air, even just by breathing, but we advise you to carry on breathing, for the minute anyway!

Moisture in the home is also caused by baths, showers, driers, heating and so on, and all this needs to escape.

This is why many double glazed window units have what is known as “trickle vents”, or otherwise, condensation would occur within the home, causing its own problems.

Condensation problems can lead to mould growing inside your house

how to cure condensation
Water collecting at the base of the window due to condensation

So if we need to make the house weather resistant, but not seal it up, what do we do?

Well, some exterior Wall coating specialists recommend that if wall coatings are applied to the exterior of your house instead of paint, they work in a manner which is similar to human skin, insofar as when a human takes a bath, they don’t soak up the water, but when they are in a sauna (for example), the moisture (sweat) in the body, is allowed to expel.

With a special waterproof coating on the exterior walls of your house, any moisture or water within the house, or in fact within the wall itself, will be allowed to pass through the microporous barrier within the Wall coating.

It will not allow any moisture, such as rain, to pass back into the house, keeping you and your family nice and dry and free from damp problems becoming evident within the home.

Most people are aware that having damp in the home can not only be detrimental to furnishing, wallpaper and so on, it can also cause bad health and is a major factor in being diagnosed with conditions such as asthma and so on.

Wall coatings for your home, both the spray applied type, and also the render based coloured rendering type too, can PROTECT your walls from any further deterioration.

In a world online where you are never sure what to believe, read the never paint again reviews and see how happy previous clients have been,

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