“Wetherdry” Clear Coat, damp proof exterior wall coating is the best for curing mould

A transparent damp-proof exterior wall coating service that stops damp and erosion in brick and stone properties without changing the external appearance.

Waterproofing exterior walls

* Does not alter the appearance of the property
* Available for small brick and stone houses, to large mansions, pubs, hotels and commercial buildings
* Suitable for grade 1 or grade 2 listed buildings
* Approved by architects. Meets BS 6477 Standard for Groups 1, 3 and 4
* Fully guaranteed by our professional damp proofing contractor
* An aqueous based hydrophobic impregnating agent based on a mixture of silane and siloxane
* Application takes between 2 and 4 days depending on size of house

The best Damp proof exterior wall coatings which cure penetrating damp mould and mildew
Our wall coatings will not change the look of your house but will protect it from the weather

NPA Wetherdry wall coatings

* Insulates your home, lowering heating bills
* Totally eliminates penetrating damp
* Prevents erosion, especially in coastal or exposed homes
* Completely cures brick and stone efflorescence
* Used with confidence by major UK house builders
* Injected damp proof courses also available to stop rising damp
* Prevents frost attack which can crack render, stone and mortar joints
* Helps to regulate interior humidity and stops condensation forming
* Suitable for cavity walls and solid wall homes

Does your house suffer from any of these problems?

  • Damp, mould or mildew?
  • Excessive condensation?
  • Loose or missing pointing mortar joints?
  • Crumbling and friable bricks or stones?
  • Cold interior walls?
  • A general poor appearance?
  • Musty smells indoors?
  • A general "damp" feel in the house?
  • High heating bills?
  • Damp or wet patches inside and outside?

We have the damp proof solution!

This completely breathable and impermeable exterior coating service could be just what your house needs.

Bricks are made to provide some form of weatherproofing for houses but over time the weather erodes this and the bricks start to let in water, starting a knock on effect of deterioration.

If left unchecked this causes untold damage to the house itself. Unlike DIY waterproofers, this will not leave a sheen on your walls.

This system is ideal for protecting listed or historic buildings. This cannot be bought in the shops

Never Paint Again Wetherdry will cure penetrating damp

About our damp proof exterior wall coating

This transparent weatherproof wall coating is a quality exterior home improvement service is approved by architects. The damp proof exterior wall coating will stop damp, erosion, efflorescence and deterioration of your home but without changing the appearance of the outside of your house.

It is ideally suited to repair frost damaged brickwork.

The ClearCoat product (also known as Wetherdry) is a top quality exterior wall coating that cures penetrating damp, cold interior walls and water ingress, guaranteed! It is the best damp proofing service in the UK, specially formulated to keep damp out of brickwork but at a comparatively low cost.

The products featured on this page are colourless compounds that penetrate deep beneath the surface of your exterior walls, permanently curing erosion and curing penetrating damp. (Product based on Wetherdry "smart liquid".) Coverage: 0.1 – 0.2 Litres per M².

Application Temperature: 5˚c – 25˚c. Humidity Requirement: Less than 95%, making it a super hydrophobic coating, one you can rely on for years to come!

We carry out all repairs to your walls before we apply our damp proof exterior wall coating

An amazing damp-proofing system

As a demonstration of the coating's capabilities, we treated this ordinary house brick and waited just one day.

We then poured water on to it and this is what happened:

The compound forms a silicone barrier in the capillary channels (the billions of microscopic holes or voids within your walls that allow moisture to pass into the house). It leaves no sign of discolouration which helps to keep the surface of the walls clean.

clearshield damp proof exterior wall coating on brick

How we apply this wall coating to your house

  • Full check and repair of any defects on the walls.
  • Clean and wash down with organic biocide
  • Repair and replace loose, damaged or missing bricks
  • Check and repair seals around doors and windows
  • Protect areas around house such as plants, paths etc
  • Apply 2 coats of Wetherdry by spray machine
  • Tidy away all waste, tools and equipment, clean site
  • Final inspection and handover with client
  • Your 20 year warranty will arrive 28 days later (max)

Weatherproofing your outside walls without changing the look!

The fact that this coating makes no visible change to the wall, means that it can be applied (by us) on houses and buildings where, if the wall surface was painted, it would ruin the look of the house.

Once applied, using 2 generous coats, any rainwater will run off without soaking into the building.

It is fully breathable and does not "seal up" the house. Once applied, rainwater simply beads off like a teflon frying pan.

Suitable for modern homes as well as older or grade 2 listed buildings.

If you want the damp, mould and condensation in your house cured permanently, contact us today