NEVER PAINT AGAIN Exterior wall coatings

The weatherproof repair and paint service for all exterior wall surfaces, with a 20 year guarantee.

If your house needs painting yet again, then NOW is the time to contact us about our amazing durable and long life exterior wall coating system for YOUR house. It's guaranteed NOT to fade, crack or peel, with no further maintenance or repainting needed for at least 20 years, and can be applied all year round.

A rendered and pebbledashed house in Brighton in dire need of repair
The same house in Brighton, allrepaired and with a textured exterior wall coating which lasts obver 20 years

Since 1986, NPA’s expert teams have repaired and painted homes up and down the UK. Cracked render, mould, loose pebbledash, crumbling bricks or damp walls, can all be sorted quickly, and without fuss. We then apply our rain-repellent NEVER PAINT AGAIN external wall coating, and just look at the difference it makes…

The BEST exterior paint! Our external wall coating system can be applied in temperatures as low as -5, meaning we can repair, weatherproof and protect the exterior of your house in any weather, all year.

Does your property suffer from these common problems?

  • Cracked or hollow rendering, stucco, tyrolean or pebbledash?
  • Mouldy, green and dirty walls, mildew or condensation?
  • High home heating bills and cold internal walls?
  • Frequent exterior painting, costing you more money each time?
  • Penetrating damp, wet patches or stains on the wall?
  • Rough or uneven surfaces, giving the house a scruffy look?
  • Scars from previous alterations or bodged DIY?

The main benefits of the Never Paint Again house painting system

  • Our wall coatings do NOT fade, chip, crack or peel.
  • Resists dirt, mould, pollution, industrial grime and algae
  • Saves money & will significantly lower home heating bills.
  • Full 20 year written guarantee, with 3rd party insurance.
  • Conceals surface blemishes, cracks, uneven wall & scars.
  • Cures mould and penetrating damp for good in all cases.
  • Many beautiful colours, finishes and textures available

Spray-applied exterior wall coatings are guaranteed to increase the value and kerb appeal of your home & we offer a high quality value-for-money alternative to the regular re-painting of masonry, render, pebbledash, tyrolean, stone, harling, stucco or brick.




Over time, all types of exterior walls suffer from deterioration, erosion, flaking paint, damp and cracking render, however our wall coatings cure all problems, leaving your property with a beautiful maintenance-free finish, enhancing the value of your home, whilst providing full weather protection, guaranteed.

The benefits of having an exterior wall coating.

This amazing wall coating lasts up to 25 years, with any defects or repairs carried out FOR FREE as part of the process. Our system is a high quality house painting job, but with a difference, meaning that your house will be maintenance free for a generation. This system is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES.

All orders are protected by deposit payment insurance and warranty indemnity insurance for 100% peace of mind.

Our system is guaranteed for 20 years

NPA wall coatings will NOT flake, peel, fade, chip or crack.
They also CURE DAMP, hollow render, scruffy pebbledash, and any problem your home may suffer from.

NPA Super hydrophobic exterior wall coatings are custom made for your house according to specifications agreed with your local agent. We can paint your home in any colour, with a range of durable finishes to choose from; smooth, fine, medium or coarse textured.

Are wall coatings different from normal paint?

Yes and no. Wall coatings are a generic name for custom made high performance external masonry coatings which replace normal house paint and have a much higher level of weather resistance, damp resistance and of course the ability to NOT fade or crack.

Natural resins and minerals including polymers and pliolite are carefully blended in the factory to produce a super long lasting paint finish for the home, one which lasts upwards of 20 years and more. It is applied by specialist teams using the latest spraying equipment from the USA. The present condition of your home is irrelevant: We can fix the lot!

NPA are a reputable company, with a proven track record, fully insured and with experience dating back to 1986 so you can be sure of the best customer service and the highest quality of work, but at a lower cost than our nearest rivals!

The many benefits of the NPA system

  • NO MORE PAINTING. Lasts up to 25 years.
  • NEVER FADES. Beautiful shades, textures and colours.
  • SAVES MONEY. Cures erosion, cracks, flaky paint, damp & mould.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY. Architect approved!
  • SELF CLEANING and requires no maintenance.
  • Stops rain penetration and is fully breathable.
  • Smooth and clear versions also available, both actively REPEL water.
  • Comprehensive Insurance backed warranty direct from the contractor!
  • Service available throughout England, Wales & Scotland.
  • Discounts available in some areas, please CONTACT US for info.

PRICE MATCH! We GUARANTEE to beat any like-for-like quotation from any competitor.

Several high performance finishes available: Smooth, fine or coarse texture. Ultra Flexible!

Smooth matte finish

Fine texture

Coarse texture

WOW! How flexible?

Don't take our word on how good our system is, listen to our happy customers!

Quite simply the best money we ever spent on our property!
Mr. and Mrs. B. Harrogate, Yorkshire

We had our main home in London done with this, and 2 years later our cottage in Cornwall done too. A very good job.

Dr. H., Islington, London

We thought this would be hassle, but everything has run like clockwork. Job took one week. Happy to leave a good review!
Dave and Lisa, Manchester

Very easy to arrange. The men were very helpful and friendly. It cost less than we thought, and the result was superb.

Mrs Carter, Bristol

The 5 stage process to install an exterior weatherproof wall coating on your property

The 5 stage process to install an exterior weatherproof wall coating on your property

The most advanced exterior wall coating system available in the UK can be installed on YOUR home in less than a week, at any time of year, by our own factory-trained installation teams.


This amazing product is what your house REALLY needs, with it's microporous technology, it acts as a breathable, flexible "skin" across the whole of the exterior of your property.

It hides all kinds of scars and blemishes on the wall, whilst providing a seamless and weatherproof protective paint finish, one that is guaranteed for 20 years NEVER to crack, fade, chip or peel, plus it stops damp!

It is also suitable for commercial buildings such as hotels, pubs and retail premises, with full project management. The system is available in all areas of England, Wales and Scotland via our authorised dealer network, and all quotes and estimates are completely FREE and with no obligation to buy.


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