Front of pebbledashed house barrow in furness with wethertex wall coating-min

Professional exterior house painting in Barrow-in-furness, Cumbria

Yet another successfully completed exterior house painting job, this time we visited Barrow in Furness, in Cumbria. The house was fairly modern and just goes to show that our special coatings are more than suitable for modern homes as well as older properties. We will breifly run through the work we carried out here....

repairing and painting a pebbledashed house with an exterior wall coating

Repairing and painting a pebbledashed house in Croydon, Surrey

Pebbledash! A passing fad and a cheap wall covering that house builders used to use to cover up poor quality brickwork, but times change and many people want to change their pebbledash wall coating to something a bit more contemporary and up-to-date. This is where the NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall painting system can...

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Tips on Painting Pebbledash. There is an easier way

If you have ever tried to paint over a pebbledashed wall, or are considering painting some pebbledash,  we have some tips and advice for the average DIY enthusiast and the tradesman too. What are your options? Is there an easy way to paint a house with pebbledash?...

Mock tudor country home in east sussex

External wall coverings on an old house in Sussex

Our latest finished job shows a grand country estate house in east Sussex, with a combination of mock tudor, unpainted brick and pebbledash. The manager of the estate engaged NEVER PAINT AGAIN to refurbish and repair this lovely home for future years. Of course this house needed a great deal of care and attention,...

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Exterior and interior wall coatings

How to tell a good decorator from a bad one?

Do we know some good house painters? Yes, as it happens, we do! Saying that, we have been in the trade since the 1980’s, but if what you are like Mrs Jones, sat at home wondering who to call? Don’t fret, we will guide you through how to source the right tradesman for the...

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