A house in Gwynedd with NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating-min

Painting a pebbledashed house in Gwynedd, Wales, to protect it from the Snowdonia weather

I’m stood here in the gorgeous surroundings of a sunny Gwynedd in the beautiful country of Wales, taking photos of our latest completed job, this split level bungalow.

This pebbledashed home was in generally good condition and required very little in terms of repair so our team got straight to work preparing the walls for an application of our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN pebbledash painting system.

Whenever we work in Wales, which nowadays is quite a lot, we always get a warm Welsh welcome, and in this case, even the weather looked down upon us with favour!

We often post pages like this, with a a detailed description of our wall coating process, but as we have been writing this website since 1999, an age in internet terms, we tend to repeat ourselves, even though each house painting job is different.

So on this occasion, I will try and keep it brief, and if you want the low down on how we approach each job and how we apply our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured exterior wall coating system, simply go to this page to learn more. (opens in a new window)

Here’s is what painting we did to this home in Gwynedd, Wales.

A house in Gwynedd with NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating-min

If you know the Gwynedd area, due to it’s proximity to Snowdownia, it can get a fair bit of weather and the homeowners in this case certainly knew that fact.

This is but one example of when we have painted a house in Gwynedd so be sure to check out our gallery pages (menu above) to view all the work we have carried out.

A fact that we know is that paint will NOT give your home any protection at all, it is just coloured water, so having one of our weatherproof wall coatings can save you a fair bit of money over the years (It lasts over 20 years before it needs re-doing)

This image shows the first stage which is cleaning the wall to remove dirt and debris.

pebbledashed gable end being cleaned
The pebbledashed gable end being cleaned. This is often known as a PINE END in Wales

Once this is done across the entire outside walls, we wait for it to dry and in most cases, carry out repairs, but this house didn’t need much, which as a bonus, also keeps the final cost down.

We also had to do the chimney, and we used a proper health and safety approved scaffold to access and work on the chimney in safety.

This shows the special chimney scaffolding we had to use for safety

view from garden during work-min
The view from the rear

Let’s get back to working on that pine end……

This photo shows the next stage, which is called bagging.

This is basically a bonded cement slurry which we paint over pebbledashed walls to even out the texture a bit, plus give us a good base for the next coat.

The next stage is painting the primer which we did after this was taken.

gable end with bagging-min

(Note we lay dustsheets and mask up windows, to avoid any mess)

This is what the wall looked like once we sprayed it with NEVER PAINT AGAIN pebbledash coatings

Gable end wall being sprayed with exterior wall coating-min

As you can see it goes on very thick, much thicker than paint, which means not only does it leave a fabulously rich and deep finish, it protects the house from the weather and these people know only too well, it may be sunny now, but come winter time it will be bitterly cold and wet.

Here is the finished article, a totally weather-protected wall in Wales!

A house in Gwynedd with NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating-min

The paint finish on this home will not need any further painting or repair, for the next 20 years, and that comes with a 20 year guarantee.

We do this type of wall coating work all across the UK, not just in Wales,

Why not get in contact with us on (0800) 970 4928 or click CONTACT to email us, and let’s chat about your next house painting project we can help you with.

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