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How to tell a good decorator from a bad one? Here’s some tips to sort the cowboys from the pro’s

Do we know some good house painters? Yes, as it happens, we do!

Saying that, we have been in the trade since the 1980’s, but if what you are like Mrs Jones, sat at home wondering who to call?

Don’t fret, we will guide you through how to source the right tradesman for the job, for the right price and of good quality.

Having a decorator paint your house each year can become a massive expense over time, so you also need to think about WHAT paint you want on the house, as a poor quality paint will actually cost you a lot more money.

People (wrongly) think decorating is easy, after all, it’s just dipping a brush into a pot of paint right? NO!

So what defines a GOOD decorator?

Well, different people would have different views on what is good and what is bad, but rarely the best decorators are the cheapest ones, after all, you should be paying for quality yes?

As I am in “the trade” my view on what decorators are good and what means a bad painter is of course biased, but some simple research before you agree to anyone who offers a house painting service will usually stand you in good stead to get the best decorator you can afford.

1. First impressions: Are they up to the job? Do they meet your standards?

Good painters, (and good wall coating firms), generally strive to be as professional as possible, right from the start, including having a good website which is not merely an advert, but something that provides real value and gives good information.

Make sure the photo examples on their website are actually jobs they have done themselves!

If you are in Scotland, for example, and you visit a decorators website and the first freshly painted house you see on their is one that is obviously in the USA and taken from a photo agency, you can be sure they have nothing of their own to show you.

Believe me that is quite common.

When we first started this website about 18 years ago, there were very few companies that were online. Now, any man and van with a couple of hundred quid can get their own wall coating website, and many times the examples of house painting work on their website are taken from other companies.

2.Anyone can pretend to be a seasoned pro, but a REAL pro will go out of their way to prove that.

Secondly you would need to look for references from previous clients who used the company before, and have a good read what they say.

Make sure they are genuine too as it very easy for a company to create fake reviews, just as it is for competing companies to post fake bogus reviews on forums etc, it’s been done to us, so take much of what you see with a pinch of salt and make up your own mind.

Many of the websites like mybuilder, checkatrade etc have a review system that is massively easy to game.

If, for example, an exterior wall coating company has been on the site for 2 years but has nearly 300 reviews, you can bet many are fake.

Which the average order value of an exterior wall coating being around £5000, to have 250 reviews means a turnover of 250 X 5000 = 1,250,000. And where only around 10% of clients bother to leave a review, that equates to an actual turnover of over 11 million! In 2 years? Smells fishy right?

Be very careful when selecting a wall coating firm from one of these comparison websites, its almost guaranteed their reviews are false.

3. Can they give you an estimate in writing or not?

Good decorators give fixed price quotes, in writing, and do not pressure or apply “sales talk” to get the work.

They’re honest people, and most folk can spot someone dodgy a mile off.

When a good painter works, they will usually wear painters whites or a boiler suit, and will work methodically and tidy up as they go, respecting the fact that your home is NOT a building site.

A good painter will of course do A GOOD JOB.

4. What are the danger signs I should look for when choosing a painter, for example?

this is what cowboy wall coating companies look like
this is what cowboy wall coating companies look like!

……if you have not chosen well, not done research or not looked into the company or individual, you could be letting yourself in for a nasty fall, and at best, a poor quality house painting job, using cheap paint, and not doing any repairs.

A bad wall coating company, for example, may alter the price they first quoted, and especially with elderly people, they will all of a sudden add something extra onto the bill, even doubling it, because they know, or they think they know, the home owner has no choice.

5. So what should I look for if I want a GOOD decorator?

a painter and decorator with van

It goes without saying if you feel in any way suspicious about a tradesman, uncomfortable, or maybe even pressured into accepting their estimate, listen to your conscience and refuse.

These people could be around your home for a couple of weeks doing work, so choose someone you like, you can trust, and someone who is traceable too!

Instead of having the exterior of your home decorated by a couple of clowns in an old estate car, if you are going to have your house painted, bear in mind we are talking about your largest asset, then paying a bit more, to a professional company, will pay dividends both short and long term.

What would a “good” painter do?

Good decorators, and good wall coating companies will make sure that the customer knows, in writing, exactly how much it will cost, and exactly WHAT work they plan to do.

A good painter will turn up in a nice clean van, and will have everything he or she needs to start the work, and to carry out the job in a timely manner, and to a good standard of quality.

A good decorator will tell the client if there is a problem or a delay, and a good decorator will make sure that they do all the repairs to the walls which are needed, such as crack filling, rendering, power washing, removing algae and damp, BEFORE they start on the main work.

That is what stands NEVER PAINT AGAIN out from it’s competitors and we invite you to contact us and get a quote for an exterior wall coating this year instead of paying the modern day equivalent of laurel and hardy above, just because they are cheap.

Our special wall coatings are designed NOT to fade, crack, peel or flake, and they come with a 20 year insurance backed warranty against coating failure.

If you want to know what it would look like on your home, browse our case studies page with before and after examples of painted houses.

Call us today for more information, on 0800 970 4928

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