3rd job is to smooth the render and then apply a light texture

Coloured stucco render, an exterior wall finish explained

Stucco render is an Americanism for the sort of sand and cement render that you see on the exterior walls of UK houses.

The never paint again team, took this further and now offer a coloured version that does not require painting, looks amazing, and in fact will lasts for decades!

But is it the same as exterior wall rendering here in the UK?

So this post is all about how good stucco is and what it can do for your house.

We also discuss what it actually is, and the benefits of having this special render, instead of a normal sand and cement render to the walls.

Rendering is a very large part of what we do, although we have several other wallcoating services available, all tailored to your house, its style, and your budget.

Coloured stucco render differs slightly from the sort of render we know here in the UK and Ireland

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Have DAD skills disappeared?
Have DAD skills disappeared?

Firstly, I think the question that many readers need to know, is coloured stucco render the same as normal stucco, and if not, what’s the difference then?

The difference between Stucco (USA) and Render (UK).

The 2 materials are very similar in all but name, but digging a bit deeper there does exist at least some differences and they are:

  • Stucco is often thicker than render.
  • Render is often applied as 2 coats whereby stucco often has 3.
  • Render is usually only applied to the type of walls we are familiar with such as brick, stone etc, but stucco often gets applied to a variety of surfaces such as wood.
  • Stucco is not exactly the same composition as render.
  • Finally, Stucco is, in some peoples opinion, much harder to apply, requiring more skill, and also susceptible to cracks.

It is a great way to reduce heating costs (thermal insulated version) and of course it does not need to be painted.

The coloured version of this render is designed as semi permanent, and more can be seen on this page.

Stucco exterior rendering and coloured render.

A few years ago, the NPA team decided, after being asked countless times, to introduce this coloured rendering and we do offer it in selected areas.

OK It’s not the cheapest, but its so durable, you wont need to worry about the exterior of the house again!

It is used by top construction companies and house builders across Europe and has a fine pedigree and a proven track record, which gave us and our clients, a lot of confidence, so we decided to offer it to some of our clients.

The never paint again renders have a variety of ingredients that set it far apart from normal stucco and renders.

It is reinforced with a mesh which is applied to the wall, and we normally apply it in 2 coats, although some jobs require 3, but again, this is picked up during the survey.

It comes in a wide range of lovely colours and is suitable for most houses, and commercial buildings too.

It exceeds building regs and the “Code of Practice for Renders BS 5262 1991” and “NBS Building Specification section M20.”

It also helps in compliance with Section B2 of the Building Regulations & the obligations under the Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety) order, known as  (RRFSO).

Wethertex masonry coatings

What is never paint again stucco type render?

Our coloured render is a very durable coloured render based system which is manufactured in the UK by Wetherby Stone of Yorkshire

It is known as “Through render” because the colour is not applied over the top, it goes all the way through the mixture and therefore gives a good depth of colour and does not require painting when finished.

This special render is SIMILAR to products such as K-rend and Weber render products. It is also known as “Through render”, “monocap” and “monocouche”.

What are the benefits of having this on my house?

Of course as the title of our site suggests, you will never have to paint again, and this is a promise that is underwritten by a cast iron guarantee, covering defects in both materials and workmanship, and if offered direct from the contractor.

It fully meets BS and BBA requirements and is subject to weather testing.

How is this render applied to my house?

When you request to have a quote or estimate for a render coating, the agent who comes to see you will be able to explain fully the process, in relation to your particular house, so the best bet for you is to speak to us, however explained briefly here:

We carry out any repairs to the actual structure of the house first, making good any cracks or damp, and of course if the house currently has pebbledash or sand and cement render, this is often removed and taken away for disposal.

We then apply a polymer modified base coat render and allow to dry, This is known as the scratch coat.

Once this is applied, our operatives start to apply the top coat of render, smoothing it out as they go, and then finally it is further smoothed with a light texture, using a special trowel, and you can see this in action, in the image above.

How much does coloured stucco render cost?

We can give you an idea of cost over the phone if you provide measurements and photos but the best way to get a price is to call us (0800) 970 4928 and request a quote for rendering

We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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