repairing and painting a pebbledashed house with an exterior wall coating

Repairing and painting an ugly pebbledashed house in Croydon, Surrey. What a massive difference our wall coatings made!

Pebbledash! A passing fad and a cheap wall covering that house builders used to use to cover up poor quality brickwork, but times change and many people want to change their pebbledash wall coating to something a bit more contemporary and up-to-date.

This is where the NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall painting system can help you.


We have specialised in repairing and painting pebbledashed homes up and down the country since 1986 and we know our stuff, so let us guide you through what can be done about a pebble dashed house, by showing you a recently completed project, located in Croydon, Surrey.


Pebbledash can be a right nuisance. Not only does, in most cases, look terrible, bland, dull and dirty, you can’t paint it (not with a paint brush anyway), the stones fall out and leave the render behind susceptible to the weather, and having it replaced is not only expensive, but usually entails 2 to 3 weeks of hell….

So why not consider the Never Paint Again pebbledash painting system instead?


Instead of costly removal, or paying a cowboy builder to lay more pebble-dash over the top, putting strain on the structural integrity of your home, we can perform a full repair to all grades and styles of pebbledash, and then we spray apply our super tough exterior wall coating system.

The system is available in a variety of colours, your pebbledash does not normally need to be removed, and the beautiful paint finish left behind, is guaranteed for 20 years not to fade, crack, chip or peel.

In addition to that, our coating system stops damp, mildew, mould and condensation, all in one!

Here are some photos of the property before we started work.

The photos below show you what we found on day one and it’s not a pretty site, and the owners knew that too.

If you study the “before” images you will see cracks in the walls, bald spots of pebbledash, huge chunks taken out of drip beads and mouldings, and uneven patches where previous repairs and additions can clearly be seen.

The rear of the house in the “before” stage showing the state of the pebbledash


The above photo shows the rear of the house and although the works we were carrying out were major, the owners also had their own improvements carrying on around us.

Eventually we agreed a time frame when the work was most convenient and then set to work surveying the property to ascertain exactly what repairs were needed to be done.

You can clearly see in the above photo the rather bad repairs around each window where the UPVC double glazed windows have been installed.

Further down the page in the “after” photo, you will see that our repairs to these areas are invisible.

The view from the side of the house before work started.




The side of the house looked as grim and foreboding as the rest of it, which was a shame as the interior was very nice, in fact the whole house had a lot of potential, but of course our teams were interested in making the exterior of the house look great again, something we are pretty good at doing!

Painting pebbledashed houses is NOT AN EASY JOB and using anything other than our high build elastomeric coating system will result in a very long time taken to achieve what my old dad used to call “A dog’s breakfast”.

Our system has been developed over the past few years to be perfect for covering and weatherproofing pebbledash, something that masonry paint can never do.

So what did we do to this house?

The work entailed:

  • Cutting out and filling cracks in the wall surface
  • Replacing loose and missing pebbles on the wall
  • Replacing the missing chunks of moulding and drip beads
  • Applying a fungicide to kill off any potential sources of mould
  • Masking up doors and windows and laying dust sheets everywhere
  • Applying a bonded resin cement slurry all over
  • Applying, by hand, the NPA waterproof primer coating
  • Spraying a thick coating of NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coatings
  • Removing all masking paper, sheets and rubbish and clearing up

That’s it!

OK, it’s a bit more involved than that but you get the picture.

This house not only looks great, it is completely protected from all kinds of adverse weather.

Talking of pictures, what does the house look like now the pebbledash has been painted?

Here is the front of the property in all its glory……



I think you will all agree it’s rather a massive difference eh?

This beats any traditional painting hands down and with our no nonsense 20 year guarantee,  you can be assured complete and total peace of mind.

We have been painting pebbledash for the past 31 YEARS so no job is ever a problem to us.

Here’s the side of the house after application of a textured wall coating



What a massive difference! We’ve brought the house to life!

In an age where appearance is everything, the money that the customer spent on the work more than paid for itself as we have since been told it was revalued and DOUBLE the amount the client paid she got back in the increase in value of the house!

We love a win-win situation!

Here is the final photo, of the rear of the house, with a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating, guaranteed for 20 years!



Even the sun came out as we were cleaning up.

Don’t bother even trying to paint pebbledash in the normal way, contact the team here at NPA and ask us about our pebbledash wall coating system today on (0800) 970 4928.

We offer service across the whole of England, Wales and Scotland, not just Surrey!

Our prices are highly competitive and the pebbledash wall coating we use are the best quality available on the market today. You can save a lot of money in the fact that once the house is painted, it will NOT need to be repainted for over 20 years

This pebbledash painting service is available 12 months of the year.

You can also send us an email and request more information and or an estimate or site visit.

We look ahead to hearing from you!

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