Front of pebbledashed house barrow in furness with wethertex wall coating-min

Professional exterior house painting with Wethertex wall coatings, in Barrow-in-furness, Cumbria

Yet another successfully completed exterior house painting job, this time we visited Barrow in Furness, in Cumbria.

The house was fairly modern and just goes to show that our special coatings are more than suitable for modern homes as well as older properties.

We will breifly run through the work we carried out here.

Here is what we did to weatherproof and paint the outside of this lovely modern detached house in Barrow in Furness.

The owners of this impressive property had spent a fair bit on adding and extending it over the years and the final thing was to do something about that pebbledash on the outside walls.

Pebbledash is very much a “marmite” exterior wall covering, you either like it or hate it.

I’m with the latter, and so it would seem, was our customer.

The thing about pebbledash is that once you decide to overpaint it, you are then locked into painting it again every other year, and the cost can mount up over time, as can the hassle of having workmen around.

Despite that, adding masonry paint over pebbledash, just your normal everyday paint, is a hard job which takes ages, and eventually looks terrible.

The main benefit of our textured wall coating for pebbeldash is the fact that once it is applied to the walls of your house, it needs no more repair or painting for over 20 years and that comes with a house painting guarantee too.

Here is what the house used to look like, with grey and unappealing pebbledash.

Front of pebbledashed house barrow in furness-min

The above image shows the team turning up on day one. The first things they do is to unload the tools and materials they need, to be stored safely out of the way, and then ladders come off the van and the team start to inspect the walls for defects,

If any problems are found, we carry out a full repair on each problem area of wall, however in this case, the house was in good condition so we could proceed to the next stage.

You can find the full FAQ About The Application Of Exterior Wall Coatings‎ here

Here we see one of the areas we had to erect scaffolding

Side of house in barrow in furness after exterior wall coating, showing the scaffolding being put up

The first job the team do is to mask up the windows and doors, and lay dust sheets over the ground so we don’t make any mess, and leave the house as clean as when we first arrived.

We then hand applied a bonded cement slurry over the walls, which consolidates the surface and seals in any loose pebbles on the wall.

We then hand apply a weatherproof primer in an off-white colour, and allow to dry.

The final stage is to spray apply a good thick coat of Wethertex MP44 textured exterior wall coating by spray machine, which is the most durable and aesthetically pleasing wall coating on the UK market.

We then remove the masking and tidy up, ready for the final inspection by the client.

Here we see the finished wall coating on the garage to the side of the property.

garage in barrow in furness painted with wethertex wall coating-min


This wall coating system not only removes the requirement to keep on painting it, unlike paint, this system offers WEATHER PROTECTION against any climatic conditions you and your home may find themselves in over the next 2 decades.

Despite that benefit, you may be surprised just how affordable our system is.

Here’s the finished article, viewed from the street.

A house in Barrow, fully protected from the weather, plus it looks great too!

Front pf pebbledashed house after a wall coating-min

If you scroll back up the page and compare the “before” image you will see what a difference a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating can make to any house.

The new white paint has really set off the brick mouldings and features of this property, and added value to it too.

This long-life weatherproof pebbledash paint system is available across the UK, we don’t only paint houses in Cumbria, we work nationally, so why not get in contact with us and let us give you a price to have our long life exterior masonry coating system applied to the outside of your home this year.

Call us free on (0800) 970 4928, Monday to Saturday

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