self healing buildings

A smart building that can repair itself automatically? Graphene!

Imagine a building being so “intelligent” that it automatically repairs itself if a problem occurs. The stuff of science fiction? Actually no. The concept of a building being able to “heal” itself seems rather far fetched, but recent research into concrete has uncovered a self-healing concrete that could vastly lengthen the lifespan of buildings, and...Continue reading

front of brighton house completed

Wall coating and repair for cracked pebbledash by the sea in Brighton

Professional & reliable house painting services and wall coatings in and around Brighton and the whole Sussex area. Here’s an example of our work in Brighton Extensive cracked and hollow pebbledash was replaced and then protected with a NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured exterior coating, in Polar White.

rendering crew with customer upon completion

NPA. Your Exterior wall coating company in Yorkshire

Do you own a house in Yorkshire and the exterior needs some work? All across the North of England, People like you are benefiting from weatherproof render wall coverings which not only look fabulous, they stop damp, never fade, they don’t crack, and they come with a 20 year insurance-backed warranty.

tony blair

2005 prices for exterior house painting in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the outside of your house painted this year, but only pay the same price as we were charging in 2005? That would be good wouldn’t it? Well, it’s TRUE!

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