Main view of nottingham house with fresh wall coating-min

Painting a house in Nottingham with Wethertex wall coatings, guaranteed for 20 years

This case study shows the profound and positive effect a few days work and then a spray application of Wethertex MP44 weatherproof wall coating can do to a property!

This property in Nottingham was not as old a house as we normally work on, so thankfully there were no major repairs to carry out, just plenty of cracks and a few small bits of hollow render to re-do.

Take a look at what we did to this house.

This large, modern home, is located in the suburbs of Nottingham. Recently the owners decided they would like to never paint again (!) so obviously they called us (LOL) the only genuine and original NPA in the UK and it’s been that way since 1986.

Here are some before, during and after photos of the work we did in painting this home with Wethertex wall coatings.

Why wethertex?

We want the very best for our valued customers and we have used many different brands of textured exterior wall coatings over the years but none has come anywhere near the longevity and durability that we now have with the wethertex MP44 wall coating system.

So this is what we applied to the walls of this particular house.

However before that, we have to carry out any repairs that may be needed to each and every house we renovate, it’s one reason why our wall coating work outlasts not only paint, but other brands of textured coatings too.

It is worth noting that standard outdoor masonry paint will only last a few years, whereas this system lasts at least 20 years and it means not only no more painting, but also no more wall rendering or repairs to the render as its all protected.

Here is what the rear looked like once we had repaired the walls


Rear masked up ready to apply wall coating by wethertex


As you can see we don’t create mess so no worries about having workmen around with us, we always keep your house as tidy as possible during the work, after all it’s not a building site, it’s your home.

The photo here shows the masking up of the windows and laying down of dust sheets on the paths so once we finish, we just remove the paper and sheets, use a yard broom to do a final sweep up, take all the rubbish away with us, and that’s it!

This job took about 4 days from start to finish.

Here you can see the side gable end wall after we had repaired the numerous cracks



Once the cracks are fixed and our coating goes over the top of it, you are guaranteed to NOT see any scars or blemishes where repairs have been carried out.

I bet your local “decorator”, who uses normal masonry paint, could not achieve this?

The wethertex wall coating system we use is 20 times the thickness of masonry paint and can hide a multitude of building wall defects, so that once we finish the painting work, your house will have clean, smooth walls, with a colour that is guaranteed for 20 years not to fade, or chip, crack or peel!

Our wall coating system is the gift that keeps on giving….

Just think, no more painting, no more repairs, no more condensation, mould or damp, guaranteed, for at least 20 years.

No wonder so many people nowadays opt to NEVER PAINT AGAIN.

Here is the other gable end wall (or pine end) after repairs

gable and corner being repaired-min

You can see they have been expertly smoothed out so, as above, you won’t see the repairs ever again, plus the cracks will not open up in the future as your walls would now have weather protection, something that masonry paint cannot provide.

The process: We carry out all repairs to the house.

We mask up the doors and windows (Don’t worry you will still be able to go in and out of your house), we lay dust sheets down and then we apply, by hand, a waterproof primer. (this is fully breathable).

We then spray apply a thick topcoat of the Wethertex textured exterior wall coating system and then allow to dry.

We then remove the masking, tidy up and there you go, a new house but at the same address!

So what does the house look like now the Wethertex system has been applied?

Here is the front and doesn’t it look warm and welcoming now.

Front nottingham house with wethertex-min


We took another photo of the front of the house, here.

Note that the trees and bushes adjacent to the house were also very well protected (We wrap them up during work) and no mess has been left and no damage caused.

We know FOR A FACT that our wall coatings last as long as we say they do, and this is because they are independently tested with accelerated weathering machines and are proven to last over 20 years.

Sorted! it’s that way each and every time.


front of house completed with wethertex-min

Spot any mess left behind?

Well, you can’t because there isn’t any, and never will be on any property we work on.

Further up this page there is a photo of the rear being worked on.

Here is what the rear of the house looks like now we have painted it.

ear of house with new wethertex coating-min

Clean and smooth, fully weatherproof for the next 20 years and one happy customer!

Finally, here’s the “money shot” (!)

A smart looking house, and one with no more painting or repairs for 2 decades

Main view of nottingham house with fresh wall coating-min

Wouldn’t you like to live here now?

I know I would.

Coupled with the owners lovely and well kept gardens, this house really stands out from the rest of the street and will carry on doing that for the next 20 years.

If this system interests you and you would like to find out more, and of course how much it costs, then it’s easy to get hold of us.

Just click the green button below to email us using our secure contact form,  or if you prefer, give us a call, Mon-Sat on 0800 970 4928 and let’s chat.

This system is available across the whole of England, Wales amd Scotland (not available in Ireland, sorry), so contact us today and maybe soon enough, you yourself could be NEVER PAINTING AGAIN!

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