Never paint again are approved contractors for wethertex wall coatings and paints

Never Paint Again are approved contractors for Wethertex masonry coatings

Whoever you choose to do your home improvements this year, people generally recommend that you “look before you leap”, and choose wisely because the wrong choice of contractor can cost you far more than that “cheap quote” you agreed to.

It’s suggested that whenever you plan work you should always get 3 quotes, )something we agree with too you may be surprised to hear), but apart from the contractor you are dealing with, what’s behind the team?

What is it that attracted you to choose say “X” wall coating company, over “Y” wall coating company?

We are pleased to tell you that a few months ago, after years of discussion and product trials, we became the lead “Approved contractor” for Wetherby Stone.

They are one of the UK’s largest paint and coating manufacturers, based in North Yorkshire, and it’s a win-win situation, for both companies, and for you, our valued customers.

A coatings collaboration that’s full of promise!

NPA have been installing high performance exterior wall coatings since way back in 1986, so I would be the first to say that we really know what we are doing.

We constantly look to improve what we do and this includes the materials we use in our every day work.

We used the same supplier for many years, with success, but we wanted more, we wanted to develop our OWN formulation of wall coating, one that meets our very high standards, and one that would prove itself with the quality of work we could offer our customers.

We worked with the Wetherby group for THREE YEARS in testing and developing our own mix and recipe for a wall coating that would blow the competition away and also make our customers very happy!

NOTE: This is sometimes mis-spelt as “Weathertex”

Presenting Wethertex MP44 spray-on wall coating

This is the most hard wearing in the UK, developed in conjunction with NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK.

Wethertex masonry coatings

This amazing wall coating product has made our lives easier in terms of application and overall finish, far exceeding any product we have ever used.

This means, for you, the turnaround from start to finish of any house painting job is much quicker, and you are left with not only a great looking freshly painted house with weather protection, but one that is guaranteed to need no repair or paint for over 20 years!

Who are the Wetherby group?

The Wetherby group are a coating manufacturer based in Dalton, North Yorkshire and they have been in business since the early 1970’s.

This has enabled the company to grow and to develop what must be the best range of weatherproof render and coating products in the UK.

wethertex coatings

Many of their products have the coveted BBA certificate, meaning they are approved and specified on major construction products across Europe, and it is that industry standard coating that we apply to your home.

Who are Never Paint Again?

Never paint again (this website) started off from an idea in the 1980’s after a working visit to the USA to see elastomeric coatings in action across the pond.

This is sometimes called “liquid siding” in the USA. In the early days of the internet in the UK, we created a website in 1999 that has grown to the monster you see now!

We changed the face of exterior wall coatings in the UK, with both a raising of quality standards throughout the industry, plus a total revamp on how these coating products were sold to the public.

A chance meeting with Wetherby stone a few years ago, led to a working collaboration on developing what would become their MP44 exterior coating system, according to industry experts, the most durable and long lasting exterior wall coating product on the market today.

Never Paint Again exterior wall coatings company

What does this mean for you, the customer?

It means that instead of looking online for a wall coating contractor and ending up with a one man band who has paid someone to create a sales website, you are dealing with not only the UK’s number one contractor.

All our customers have the reassurance of the best materials being used on their home, with the added benefit of being part of a national group of companies with full backup and support for the lifetime of the coating you choose for your home.

Always select a Wethertex dealer, all of which you can trust to do the job right, with the best materials available.

We always specify Wethertex MP44 and if you want to CONTACT US for an estimate for house painting today

A professional quality wall coating, applied to your property by experts, and guaranteed for 20 years by one the UK’s leading building insurance companies.

You can also call us FREE, Monday to Saturday, on 0800 970 4928


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