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Professional damp proofing solution beats DIY versions hands down!

If your home is less than 15 years old it shouldn’t have damp but many newer properties do suffer from damp and mould.

Our damp proof house coating system is used by major UK house builders homes specifically to treat newer homes that have succumbed to damp damage.

It’s tempting when faced with mould on your walls, to find the cheapest, quickest DIY damp proof solution but we think that our wall coating performs much better.

All newer homes have cavity walls and cavity wall insulation, so you would think that it would keep the occupants warm and dry.

However in some cases problems have occurred and under the NHBC warranty, homebuilders have to address the issue, with the confidence the homeowners problems will not re-occur..

A damp-proof, permanent solution to mould, condensation and algae at home.

This is often due to porous walls, and wind-driven rain soaking the exterior walls, which absorb the water, but instead of evaporating inside the cavity, the water uses the cavity insulation material to transfer the damp INSIDE the house, a major drawback to foam-filled cavity walls.

Now this is quite embarrassing for a major national housebuilder so they turned to our suppliers who make a special chemical damp proof coating, totally colourless, and which is sprayed on the exteriors of the affected homes, stopping all damp, mould and condensation.

Now we thought it best to NOT mention which national house builder uses this, we didn’t want to embarrass them, but rest assured when a multi billion pound company specifies OUR product, you know it’s going to be just what YOUR home needs, but at a fraction of the cost of the national homebuilders prices.

The service is available in England, Wales and Scotland only, and is ideally suited to homes and commercial premises, both old and new.

So what is this amazing wall coating system?

Some people know it as a “silicone paint” or “brick waterproofer” and our system is yet both of these and neither at the same time.

It is a colourless, liquid compound, specially formulated in the UK’s top coating research laboratory, tested within the context of the British weather, the rain, the wind and the climate, and we are so confident of it’s durability and longevity, we offer a 20 year warranty on the system.

NPA ProClear is an aqueous based hydrophobic impregnating agent, enabling hydrophobic impregnation of natural mineral substrate.

In plain English, this means our water-repelling coating soaks into the brick walls of your house, forming a watertight barrier against damp entering the home.

Damp proof clear wall coatings from never paint again uk

It is of course NOT a waterproof PAINT in any way, because it does not apply any colour, meaning that once applied to your home, and once the liquid has soaked into the brickwork, no-one will notice it is even there, plus it will cure damp internal walls in just one application.

This is why it is ideally suited to Grade 2 listed properties that are suffering from damp and mould, as well as newer homes, and even brand new houses.

How does this compare to DIY brickwork sealers I can buy at my local shop?

A different league altogether.

There are many different systems you can buy yourself, with names such as Thompson’s waterseal, “no nonsense” water repellent, Bond-it water seal, and so on.

The type of solution sold by DIY stores, is NOT comparable to our professional brick treatment system, mainly due to the fact the DIY waterproofers sit ON TOP OF the brickwork you are trying to waterproof.

This can also alter the appearance of your home by creating a “sheen” finish on the bricks.

This is subject to WEATHER EROSION and needs to be done EVERY YEAR to work.

Our system SOAKS INSIDE your walls, meaning that not only is MORE EFFECTIVE at repelling water ingress, it also LASTS LONGER as it not broken down by harsh weather, meaning therefore it has a much longer lifespan than DIY brick coatings, meaning it SAVES YOU A LOT OF MONEY.

The ProClear coating system is a LONG TERM DAMP SOLUTION, whereas DIY waterproof coatings are SHORT TERM solutions, with no attention given to actually CURING the thing that is causing damp in the first place.

The best way to explain the difference: Our high quality coating would be a Jaguar or Lexus car. The DIY waterproofer would be, at best, a rusty old MOPED.

What benefits will a damp proof wall coating bring me?

Having our friendly teams apply this coating to your home will bring many benefits, including:

  • A reduction or elimination of “wind chill”, meaning your home will be warmer.
  • No visual change in the look of your home.
  • Typical installation time of only 2 to 3 days, meaning you don’t have us around for weeks!
  • Stops all cases of: Erosion, Cracking, Mould, damp, Efflorescence, mildew & condensation.
  • Full project management available.
  • Qualified, time-served, insured and experienced staff.
  • Guaranteed for up to 20 years, for a damp and hassle-free home.
  • Additional works also available such as painting, rendering or alterations.
  • Ideal for listed or historic buildings.
  • LOWER household heating bills after only 6 months.
  • Can be applied all year round.
  • Additional DPC work also arranged if required

How would the coatings be applied to my home?

It’s a painless process which usually only takes a couple of days, or longer if we are working on a large building, or of course a day or a day and half if it’s somewhere small, such as a cottage.

Front and side of hull house after wall coating-min

  • We CLEAN the exterior of the building, getting rid of any moss, mould, dirt or algae.
  • We apply an organic fungicide over the house.
  • We carry out professional REPAIRS, such as replacing broken bricks or loose pointing.
  • We then mask up the windows and lay dustsheets to protect plants, paths etc.
  • We apply TWO generous coats of ProClear by spray machine.
  • And that’s it!

After we apply the coating it immediately starts to be sucked into the building, using a process known as capillary retraction, following the microscopic “channels” inside each brick, where previously water was allowed to enter.

The coating then crystallises INSIDE the brick, forming a watertight barrier, which still allows the house to “breathe” as it should.

Whilst ProClear cures penetrating and transmitting damp, it helps to keep rising damp at bay too, although if your home is suffering from damp rising up from the ground, we can install a chemically injected DPC as part of the overall project.

What buildings are suitable for a damp proof coating?

More or less ALL buildings that do not have paint on the external face of the walls would be suitable for this waterproof wall coating system.

This includes all types of brick or block, natural stone, bath stone, limestone, sandstone, and any other wall that is faced with a natural material.

Our coatings are ideal for waterside, coastal, clifftop and beach front homes.

For homes that are already painted, or pebbledashed, we also have a coloured wall coating


How much do Never paint again waterproof wall coatings actually cost?

As far as costs go, we try our utmost to keep prices as realistically LOW as we possibly can, but enough so we can make a profit, we are a business after all.

A quick call or email to us is what we need to start with, so we can find out what you are looking for, get an idea of the size of your home, and then we can work out an estimate of costs over the phone.

Bear in mind it is unwise to compare the cost of this, a SERVICE, to the cost of taking a can of DIY waterproofer off the shelf.

It is of course going to be more expensive as you get a lot more for your money including any repairs done, plus a guarantee of up to 20 years.

If you KNOW this is what you want and just want us to take a look at your house and give you a price, no problem at all, tell us this when you call us.

So there we have it, a damp proof coating service, with all repairs thrown in for free, and at a cost that suits you down to the ground.

Having a professional damp proofing company is obviously going to cost more than doing it yourself, but isn’t it better to know the job is not only done correctly, but the damp proofing will last for 20 years.

DIY damp proofing solutions last only a year.

Contact us today for a quote for a damp proof wall coating, or phone us on 0800 970 4928, we even pay for your call.

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