All our work comes with a comprehensive 20 year guarantee.

20 year guaranteed exterior wall coatings

All our exterior wall coating products come with a no-quibble 20 year guarantee, meaning total peace of mind when purchasing our weatherproof external wall painting system for your home or business, and we have been doing this kind of work since 1986!

Your house can be fully protected, under warranty, for up to 20 years


The warranty becomes valid on the day of completion of work, and the documents will arrive within 28 days afterwards

Further details of our no-nonsense warranty are available upon request from your local contractor.

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Our 20 year warranty means a full 20 years of no maintenance.

We also accept credit and debit cards, meaning a further level of purchase protection is offered at no cost to you.

This means that once we repair and paint your property with our NEVER PAINT AGAIN weatherproof exterior wall covering system, it will NOT need ANY repair, maintenance or repainting for up to 20 years!

We have a track record since 1986 so we KNOW this system works.

What does the Never Paint Again guarantee cover?

Once one of our exterior wall coatings is applied to your home we guarantee that for at least 20 years.....

  • It will NOT fade, keeping it's colour year after year!
  • It will NOT crack or peel like masonry paint does.
  • It will NOT go green and mouldy, even in shaded areas.
  • It will STOP all instances of penetrating damp.
  • It will LOWER your home heating bills, cutting out wind chill and cold walls.
  • It will add value to your home, and the guarantee is transferable if you sell and move on later.
  • For commercial properties such as Hotels, it means no more closures for decorating for 20 years.

Existing customer?

If you have placed an order with us, or with one of our contractors, and the work has been completed to your satisfaction, the guarantee document should be with you within about 28 days. The policy is valid from the day the work is completed.

If for any reason the document does not arrive within a month, your first point of contact should be the CONTRACTOR who did the work, who would be only to happy to answer any queries.

NOTE: This page does NOT substitute any policy document.

The use of the word "we" refers to any one of our independent contractors and not the owners or editors of this website. Your warranty is NOT issued by us, but by the contractor who would be doing the work and who you would have an agreement under contract. 

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