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A weatherproof wall coating for a home in the Pennines, “last of the summer wine” country

We are delighted to present yet another case study of exactly what we do best; painting a house!

This lovely, traditional stone-built cottage was located in the the mountainous “Pennines” district of northern England, in Yorkshire.

Like a scene straight out of “last of the Summer Wine”, the BBC TV show that, by my reckoning, must have been on TV now for about a million years.

Without wanting to repeat what we say on each of these case studies pages (as there are around 90 of them at last count!), I will go through a few aspects of the work we did on this ladies home, and show you some photos of the progress stages and then the finished job.

OK here we go…

“Last of the Summer Wine”: Exterior refurbishment and weatherproofing, on a cottage in rural Yorkshire.

Delightful Todmorden, where this project was located, is right in the heart of the beautiful Pennines district of Yorkshire.

We enjoyed our visit and would certainly recommend visiting there if you are in the area. Go and see www.visittodmorden.co.uk for more information.

The things we do to apply an exterior coating, and why we do them.

We unpacked our equipment, got to know a bit from the customer herself about the work too, which reassures all clients and makes sure we are a situation where everybody involved is happy.

We then roll our sleeves up and get to work!

After a cup of tea, our team leader, Michael Ackroyd of the Wall Coating Company, got his team assembled, organised and stuck in to the task ahead.

Because this home is made from a very porous stone, common in the locality, and we had to stabilise the exterior walls using a special render slurry mix, and you can see the outcome of that in the following images.

Application of the first primer coating to the walls

Working on stone cottage in the pennines
This shows what we call the “bagging” coat

When we do this type of prep work we take a lot of time in covering up the windows, laying sheets over bushes, plants and paths so there is no mess.

It prepares the wall for the 2nd primer coat which, if we did not apply this cement slurry mix, any primer would simply soak straight into the walls.

This would mean that instead of applying ONE paint-based primer coat, we would have to apply 3 or 4 which as you can imagine would not be a good use of our time.

Here is another example of the bagging coating on a different elevation

Bagging coat to side wall of house

It dries out like a cement colour.

Once it is dry we lightly brush the area to get rid of any dust that has settled on the wall during the primer process and then we start to apply a waterproof paint-based primer coat all over the house, once again masking up all doors and windows to avoid mess.

Here we see the larger part of this lovely home, again with the bagging primer coating applied by hand.

The sun came out too! 🙂

work in progress

We were very lucky working on this job as we had a good deal of sunny weather although I had to admit it was still cold, but the lads are hardened Yorkshiremen, and where well-used to working outside when it’s chilly, whilst I am, apparently a “southern softy” so I was told.

On many occasions…

Here is one side, after we applied a weatherproof wall covering by spray

View of the house from the street

Here is another side of the house, and the BEFORE image you can see by scrolling back up a few lines.

The scaffold was provided for the safety of our workmen and is quickly dismantled after the job is finished.

The same stone cottage after a wall coating

Where possible, we do like to use local scaffolding contractors, small businesses near to where we work, rather than some faceless multi national something or other.

We have always enjoyed giving something back to every area that work takes us, be it Yorkshire or London; we like to give!

And here is the front of the house after all the textured exterior wall coating work was completed, with a spray-applied weatherproof wall covering that will now protect this house from anything mother nature chucks at it, and will go on protecting the house (and looking great!) for the next 20 years!

Another home protected from the UK weather with our wall coating solution


a newly painted house in Todmorden

The owner now has a house that Norah Batty herself would be proud of! Spic ‘N Span, clean and tidy and good for the next 20 years!

As you can imagine, the area itself gets its fair share of the bad weather being full of lush valleys and rolling hills.

In fact although it’s considered a “temperate” area, rainfall here can be persistent and heavy, so extra protection is sometimes needed on old stone houses which can mean the walls soak up water and lead to mould and damp inside the home.

We work in other areas around the Pennines too.

Yes we have worked in areas such as Haworth, Burnley, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Holmfirth, Ilkley and major towns and cities around the area so if you want a real Yorkshireman to come around and price up the work, with a view to a van full of Yorkshiremen doing the work, you have certainly come to the right place!

Our special long-life wall coverings, always applied by our own teams, provide a water tight but breathable microporous coating over the whole house, meaning that not only is it protected from the weather but it comes with many extra benefits:

We guarantee that for up to 20 years, your house will not only stay warm and dry but it will NOT fade, it won’t crack, in fact it will stay looking as good as the day we did it, and you can tell by our glowing (and genuine) customer testimonials, we mean what we say.

If you would like to learn more about the work we could do for your home, far more than a simple paint job, then NOW is the time to speak with us.

As our coatings are resin based, they don’t freeze and are not affected by light rain showers or cloudy days, so we can repair and protect your home any time of the year.

Call us now on 0800 970 4928 and speak to one of our friendly advisors, you’ll be glad you did!


  • The supervisor & photographer on this project was Daniel Nichols.
  • The scaffolding was expertly provided by Danny Walsh at DCT SCAFFOLDING, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
  • Team supervisor: Mr Michael Ackroyd
  • Editorial by Alex
  • Cups of tea courtesy of PG tips!
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