Hertfordshire: A newly decorated Mock Tudor English Cottage

This example from our archives shows the time we were tasked to paint a very old looking country cottage in Hertfordshire with the exterior walls in a poor state of repair and mock tudor beams.

In just a few short days one Autumn, our team transformed this house into a smart cottage with the NPA smooth exterior wall coating system which was applied to the white rendered panels……..

(Archived post from 2006)

We normally only paint the walls but in this case, much more work was needed as we had to replace some of the beams which were of a poor condition and could not be saved.

When we put into place brand the new mock Tudor beams, they were treated with a special paint to preserve the wood and keep it looking this good for many years to come!

Painting an English country cottage with mock tudor beams

Our exterior wall coating system is suitable for all types of property, no matter what exists currently on the walls of the house.

We can provide you with a custom exterior wall covering which will outlast paint for many years to come and it does NOT cost the earth either!

Mock Tudor English homes

To see another example of a house with mock Tudor beams that was refurbished with our high performance weatherproof exterior wall paint, click here

We have painted loads of mock tudor houses over the years.

We take great care also, with repainting the black tudor beams on the house, as this is of course a main feature.

Of course please remember the use of the word “mock” because of course this is NOT a tudor home, from the time of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, the cottage was at best probably only about a hundred years old but it retains a very distinctive style.

Sometimes we get modern ones to do too, however the more newer homes can look a bit tacky with mock tudor beams, but it depend son the style of the home, and of the surrounding buildings too.

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This home will not not need to be painted at all for the next 20 years and that comes with a guarantee too. We guarantee, in writing, that the exterior wall coating on this home will not fade, chip, crack or peel.

We can apply our textured or smooth external wall coating to any type of house so if the painting system with external wall coverings is of interest to you then call us today on 0800 970 4928

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