A new house but at the same address with wethertex wall coatings

A new home at the same address with this special wall finish! Look what we achieved with this house in Bristol

Our customer in Bristol wisely decided to improve her home this year rather than go through the upheaval and hassle of moving house, so they got us to install a special exterior wall coating finish, which is guaranteed for 20 years.

We briefly go through what was wrong with the house, what we did to fix it, and we throw in some photos of the various stages of work from before, to during, and then ultimately the nice “after” photos we all love.

Repairing a house in Bristol, and then spray-applying a durable, long lasting exterior wall finish.

This property was in a nice residential street and had been improved a lot over the years, culminating in a large extension to the side and rear.

The owner had the house painted every 2 years to keep it looking good, however once the extension had been completed and the wall area was thus much larger, having it painted all the time started to cost a lot of money.

The special wall finish available with our exterior wall coatings lasts for over 20 years, without the need to repaint.

Here is the first “before” photo showing the repair stage in full swing.

Front of house in Bristol before work started

We had identified a few cracks in the walls requiring attention, plus several small areas of hollow rendering, which we removed and replaced to match.

This is of course, a prime example of exterior home remodelling rather than a lick of paint.

Our teams spend a heck of a lot of time doing the repairs and preparation work to each job, so that once the team has completed the painting work, you would never know it had been repaired in the first place.

In all the house painting in Bristol that we do, we seem to always be blessed with good weather, no idea why but we are not complaining!

Here you can see the amount of repair work that was carried out to the house.

The new render can be seen in the darker areas of the wall.

Once our external wall coating is applied, it is so thick, the repairs will not be able to be seen underneath.

Render repaired on front of house in Bristol

We made sure we didn’t create any mess and masked up the windows and laid sheets on the driveway.

After the repairs are done, we then apply, by hand, the wethertex primer coat, which consolidates and primes the wall for the next coating process, which is applied by spray.

Let’s have a look around the other bits of the house.

Here is the rear of the house just after we had finished repairing the rendering

Rear of house in Bristol having primer coat ready for an exterior wall coating

You can see in the image above, there was quite a fair amount of patches of hollow render here, there and everywhere.

These areas of poor render have to be repaired before we can continue painting.

The lower half of the house was in much better condition, it seemed the top half was the rotten bit.

You can see in the above image, now the house is repaired, we started applying the primer.

This photo shows the primer stage at the rear nearing completion

Rear of Bristol house ready to apply exterior wall coating

The primer is worked in by hand to all areas of the wall which gives us a very good basis to apply to the top coat which is applied by a special spraying machine.

You can see the machine in the background, to the left of the house. The pump is connected to an air compressor parked out the front.

This enables us to effectively apply the exterior wall coating system in a seamless manner, across the entire house exterior, which is one reason why we take a lot of time covering up the windows to avoid any overspray, paint spills or mess.

The “Never Paint Again” wall coating system comes in 3 grades of texture: Smooth, fine or coarse. This house was treated with a fine textured coating.

Here is the front again, but looking a bit better in primer

Front of house in Bristol with primer for exterior wall coatings

As promised above, the areas of render which we had to repair, now cannot be seen.

Once the wall coating is applied, it is 20 times the thickness of normal paint and will cover virtually any wall defect found.

This gives the house a clean and uniform finish across the entire wall surface, and one that is free of repainting or repair for the next 20 years, guaranteed.

The final stage is complete! Here is the rear with its brand new exterior wall finish

Rear of House in Bristol with exterior textured wall coating

You can see by now that this is not just a fancy paint job, but a complete exterior wall refurbishment, carried out in only 4 days from start to finish.

You may also notice how clean we have left the customers house, garden and paths.

Not a drop of spilt paint and no dust, mess or waste left behind. We do this on each and every house painting contact we carry out, so once our team has finished and left, you don’t have to do anything at all, it’s already been done for you by ourselves.

If you are looking for a quote to have your house in Bristol painted you are certainly in the right place. Our system lasts over 10 times the duration of masonry paint but it is certainly not ten times the price, in fact you may be surprised at how cheap this system is.

Finally here is the front of the house with it’s new exterior wall coating

A new house but at the same address with wethertex wall coatings

Instead of paint, why not consider an exterior wall coating like this for your house?

We have hundreds of online exterior wall coating reviews for you to read, all are genuine too!

OH, and we work across England and Wales, we don’t just offer wall coatings in Bristol.

We are a national company, but we are not expensive and we will beat any similar quotation for an exterior house painting job anywhere in the UK.

We can also paint your home exterior in virtually any colour you like, just ask.

The benefits of having a special wall finish instead of normal paint

The main benefit of having this exterior wall covering on your home is the fact that once the wall finish is applied, it requires no repairs or any further painting for at least 2 decades, and we KNOW that claim is true and have independent verification that it lasts as long as we say.

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a full exterior makeover for your house, we are capable, willing and ready to help you.

This wall finish also stops all types of damp, mould and mildew, it does not fade, nor does it peel or crack, meaning over the next 2 decades you will save a lot of money on not having to pay your hard earned cash on the house for some time to come.

All quotes are free and without obligation, so to find out more, give us a call on 0800 970 4928 Monday to Saturday during office hours.

For the time poor, you can also email us for a quote for a new exterior wall finish on your home here.

The moral of the story is of course: “Don’t move, Improve!”

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