30% off already low prices for wall coatings in our end of year sale!

End of year sale! 30% off rendering house painting and exterior wall coating systems. Guaranteed to last for 20 years, with installation during winter. Ends 25th Dec. Don’t bother calling your local painter and decorator this year, call us and enjoy 25 years of no more painting....

Rear of house in Hertfordshire with a brand new exterior wall coating

Exterior wall coatings and house painting Hertfordshire

Does your house in, or around, Hertfordshire need repairs and a new coat of paint? Choose your trusted local & professional decorating professional services, from the Never Paint Again team! Today we show you an external wall renovation and painting job we did in rural Hertfordshire, a grade 2 listed building in some lovely...

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Never Paint Again, painting houses all year round!

I originally wrote this in mid November, a time you may think where all house painters and decorators have shut up shop for the winter, yes? Not so. Did you know that we paint the exterior of houses all year round and yes, that includes the colder winter months, so how can we do...

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How cheap is that?!

Steps to take to restore a sense of pride in your house

Do people point and laugh at your home when walking by? Can you not bear to look at the condition of the exterior? Have people mistaken it for an abandoned property?! Do you despair you could never afford to have it properly fixed and painted? Think again. If you are planning on having relatives...

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lose money man

The wrong approach to improving your property

We all like to make our house as good as it can possibly be, however while there are many ways to improve your home for the better, it’s important to take the right approach with DIY and home improvements, or you could end up losing money instead....

flaking pebbledash can be repaired with never paint again exterior wall coatings

Render, replace or paint? Solutions for pebbledash covered houses

Pebbledash covers much of the UK’s early to mid 20th century housing stock and was primarily invented to give a cheap, fairly weatherproof,  low maintenance wall coating over poor quality brickwork. Pebbledash, the traditional British (and Irish) version anyway, should last between 20 and 40 years. Many of the older style homes that have...

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DIY & Home improvement ideas if you hate spending money

Does spending money fill you with dread? Are there moths flying out of your wallet? Is it NEVER your round down the pub? Do people know you as the neighbourhood “Scrooge”? Then this article could be just what you are looking for, if you need to do some work on your home but don’t...

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