front of house in Leek with new never paint again exterior wall coating

An example of exterior wall renovation and refurbishment for this home in Leek, Staffordshire

There comes a time in the lifespan of a house where a lick of paint just isn't good enough. Time, and the weather, will wreak havoc on the walls of your home, creating problems and issues only an experienced tradesman would be able to find, and fix. This page shows us working on a property in Leek, Staffordshire, which needed a full exterior wall renovation and refurbishment to bring it back to life.Continue reading

semi professional painter using trade paint on a wall

Never Paint Again, painting houses all year round!

I originally wrote this in mid November, a time you may think where all house painters and decorators have shut up shop for the winter, yes? Not so. Did you know that we paint the exterior of houses all year round and yes, that includes the colder winter months, so how can we do this...Continue reading

Woman Holding Wallpaper Sheet

Does exterior wallpaper exist? If so, why would you want it?!

Exterior wall paper? OK, despite the headline and attention grabbing title, you can guess we love decorating, so today we are looking at the concept of exterior wall paper; does it exist? Are there such coatings that are durable, applied to the outside walls, and can behave like a wallpaper? We explore the concept of...Continue reading

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