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Is the best exterior paint all it’s cracked up to be? Is there something better than the best?

Is it that time of year you dread? Time to get the house painted? It seems to come around a little bit too often nowadays doesn’t it?

Each year, or every 2 years, you end up paying someone a couple of grand to chuck some paint at the walls but it never really looks good and the decorator very rarely attends to any of the cracks or the damp? What’s the answer?

Even the best decorator, using the best masonry paint, and trying to carry out the best house painting work to their capability, in the main, will not guarantee the paint will last much longer than 2 or 3 years at best.

What to choose if a lick of paint just isn’t enough.

Maybe it’s time you chose something else for the exterior walls of your house?

semi professional painter using trade paint on a wall

Something long lasting, weatherproof, and something that includes all the neccesary repairs?

In essence, your local painter and decorator might be a lovely chap (or lady), a friend of the family, trusted and liked etc, but let’s be honest, if he is coming back each year and taking money off you to paint the house, OF COURSE he is going to be your friend!

They will only use normal outdoor wall paint which won’t last very long at all, so if you are looking to get a house painting quote, bear those points in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good painters out there, but equally there are some very bad ones too.

Yearly painting doesn’t just drain your bank account, money you could use for other things like a holiday or a newer car, but it’s also a time of hassle, mess and an invasion of privacy.

Having to endure that every other year would cheese me off too.

Our definition of “a lick of paint”

Every year millions of homeowners get duped into thinking they are getting the best paint job and their home will look it’s best (for a while) but time after time these people are disappointed as the paint finish starts to deteriorate after only a few months, even shorter during bad winter weather.

We see this every week when we go and meet people and survey their home.

A lick of paint is what your local painter and decorator will give you. Nothing more.

They will often turn up in an old estate car or rented van, with a ladder they bought off a fella on “Gumtree” for 30 quid, and then slap one coat of masonry paint on it, or 2 if they are a bit more professional.

A couple of grand to paint your house doesn’t seem that much but if you are having it done every 2 years, think about it, that money can really add up and it’s hardly the best use of your money is it?

Why you are wasting your money on yearly house painting

In most cases you will get PAINT and that is it.

OK, I hear you say, what’s the problem? I want my house painted, this fella paints houses, so what?

man painting exterior brick walls

The problem is that even the best normal paint can hide many things if the walls are not prepared properly.

They can hide cracks, some minor, others major, damp, mould, mildew, flaky paint, DIY scars and general bodge-ups from previous years and after a time, even when freshly painted, you can see it really isn’t working anymore.

If you have normal everyday PAINT on your walls, it is going to last about a year, maybe 2 if you are lucky.

The job will not include any repairs, and if bad areas of wall have been covered over, it could be hiding a more serious problem, which if left unchecked, could turn out to be a very costly mistake to ignore in years to come.

The longer term, value for money solution is found with a spray-applied wall coating.

The longer term view is where we come in.

Our exterior wall coating and house painting system is carried out by our own teams NOT SUBCONTRACTORS and the service includes a full set of repairs and preparation, something your local decorator will NOT do.

The preparation we do on each house typically includes:

  • Removing old and loose paint before applying the new stuff
  • Cleaning the walls and removing moss, mould and algae
  • Repairing cracks and other wall defects
  • Smoothing out imperfections such as previous repair work.
  • Repairing cracked render, or re-rendering the whole house
  • Replacing loose or missing areas of pebbledash
  • Curing all types of damp, including injecting a DPC if yours has failed
  • Full protection from mess whilst work is underway

So as you can see, if you choose us to paint the outside of your house this year, you get the LOT thrown in, it is FAR MORE than a lick of paint and your home deserves a bit of love and attention surely?

Once we finish (usually in less than 5 days from start to finish) your home will look it’s absolute best, with the added reassurance that all defects have been fixed and no more maintenance is required

Why is a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating the best paint for outside walls?

One reason thousands of people in the UK have chosen our wall painting system is the fact that it lasts for twenty years.

No that is not a spelling mistake, our wall coatings are based on hard-wearing resins, meaning not only does it look much better than paint, it repels all types of bad weather, it is maintenance free, self-cleaning, fade resistant, crack proof, it cures mould and damp, and will not need repainting for 20 years, guaranteed.

Guaranteed?  Yes, we give a 20 year insurance-backed guarantee on all work, and as we have been doing this since 1986, we KNOW our system works, and it could work for you too!

We can apply our wall coating system at any time of the year and it is available anywhere in England, Wales and most of Scotland.

To find out more, have an informal chat, or even to arrange a quote, give us a call today on 0800 970 4928 or CLICK HERE to email us.

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