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How to get the best prices, quotes and estimates for the best house painting job

It can seem quite daunting for the average homeowner to get a price from a tradesman for house painting, and that is if they bother to turn up at your house when they say they will, if at all!

The team at NEVER PAINT AGAIN have thankfully made it very easy to get a price to paint your house, with scheduled appointments (which we always keep), expert advice and knowledge, and written fixed-price quotations in writing.

What more could you want from a house painting contractor?

Here is how to request an estimate or quote to get your house painted.

Firstly, thank you for visiting our website, your interest is very much appreciated.

If you have arrived here asking something like “i want someone to paint my house” then you are on the right page.

Secondly, and more importantly, we can safely presume that you have arrived on our house painting website because you want the outside of your house painted and you are looking for a house painting quote?

Finding a tradesperson can be surprisingly difficult, but finding a GOOD tradesperson can be even harder, so we have striven to make the whole thing as easy as possible.

As we offer a holistic, bespoke house painting service, our skilled teams can carry out all the work needed to your home without having to get other tradesmen in to do something else, so once they finish, you will not have to worry about getting someone in for the next 20 years at least.

Is there an average price to paint the exterior of a house?

If there was, it would save us a lot of time and money in administration however, each job has it’s own requirements and each house differs in some way, as does the requests from what a customer actually wants.

We price up per job rather per M2 or whatever, so it’s best to talk to us about prices.

We can provide you with a competitive and no-obligation quotation to have the exterior walls of your house completely repaired, weatherproofed and freshly painted and the whole process couldn’t be easier.

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How do you work out the cost of painting my house?

Remember, we are NOT a local painter and decorator “down the road”, or even worse, “some bloke from the pub”, we are a national specialist house decorating and repair company and our work to your home entails far more than just a paint job.

Our wall coating service includes a FULL REPAIR JOB to the property before a single drop of paint is applied, meaning that once our team paint the outside, it is guaranteed for 20 years never to need repairs or painting again!

In addition to that, if your home suffers from damp, condensation, mould or mildew, this wall coating system will CURE that and ensures the problems will not return.

To come to a price for house painting, in most cases, we have to visit the house, at your request, it is the only way to get an accurate house painting quote.

We take measurements, height, width, depth, and then examine the CONDITION of the property; are there cracks that require filling?

Is the render or pebbledash in fairly good condition or do parts of it need replacing?

This is all factored into the cost, which is presented to you in writing, with no hidden charges.

Our prices will surprise you, not shock you!

There are other wall coating contractors who claim very long-life wall covering products, however as we have been in business since 1986 we have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD that our wall coatings DO LAST, and much more besides, just ask our previous customers!

(Remember, despite the claims of others, it is OURSELVES who genuinely are the UK’s NUMBER 1 wall coating company, measured by time in business, capital, number of staff, website traffic and number of customers )

OK, all sounds good, so what do I do now to get a house painting quote?

That’s the easy part.

You can get hold of us and request a house painting quote in several ways:

  1. Phone our call centre (open Mon-Sat) on 0800 970 4928
  2. Tweet us on Twitter
  3. Message us on Facebook
  4. Or send us an email here

All prices and quotes are completely free and without obligation.

What then happens after I request a quote?

We will contact you by phone for an informal chat about the sort of work you are looking for, and we can get a bit more information about your house in order to provide an appraisal of it’s current condition.

We can at this stage give you an educated guess or ballpark figure as to costs, if you send us photos to (click to open your email program) and make sure you include a contact number, prices cannot be sent by email.

We will then book a time and date to come and see you and look at the house.

We survey the house, as we mentioned above, and then we will work out a fixed cost price, meaning the price you see is the price you pay, and that is guaranteed in writing.

If you want to to think about it for a while, no problem, we can send the house decorating quote to you in writing and you can consider it and get back to us.

You can also place an order on the day the agent comes to see you, it is entirely up to you and is your choice.

It is SO EASY to get a quote to have your house painted by the Never Paint Again Wall Coating Company!

So with that in mind, contact us for a house painting estimate today


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