Painting a row of 3 houses in Colwyn bay with wall coatings

A terrace of houses in Colwyn Bay get a new paint job and one that will last over 20 years!

People up and down Wales come to us to have their house painted and even if this is the first time you have visited our site, you can guess already we are the UK’s number one house painting contractor.

But did you know, we don’t just paint houses, we also paint terraces of houses, rows of houses and entire streets of houses!

As an example today, we are going to show you a row of 3 town houses in Colwyn bay, a job which took around a week, and was completed in August 2018.

The thing about our job is that no week is ever the same.

Here’s what we did to paint a row of 3 houses in North Wales

As we have hundreds of examples of our work on the site (see top menu), and descriptions of how we carry out the work, we won’t repeat ourselves too much here,especially if you are here looking to get a house painting quote!

The big difference between a painter and decorator doing the work, and ourselves applying our wall coating system is that we take a great deal of time doing preparation, far more so than using standard outdoor wall paint which only lasts a couple of years anyway.

In addition we normally spray our wall coating, we don’t use paint brushes.

The prep work is often things like rendering, cracks, repairs etc, but these homes were in quite good condition so once the scaffold was up we got to work.

Here you can see how safe we always work

Scaffolding on pine end of house in Colwyn bay

The gable ends were the only place we needed to have scaffolding, but note that in Wales, this part of a house is called the “pine end”.

We started by powerwashing the walls to get rid of any dirt, dust, moss and loose paint.

Here is another photo of the house, which doesn’t look too bad.

This was taken by the owner only a year or two ago when it was painted with masonry paint, which didn’t last and was why we were here!

These houses look OK, but could look much better

Front of houses in colwyn bay

Once the walls had been prepared we set about covering the paths around the houses and masking up doors and windows so as to not make any mess.

We used a combination of ladders and long reach brushes to apply the primer coating, which you can see going on in the next photo

This is us painting the rear of the 3 terraced houses

applying primer to house in north wales-min

Obviously it would have been a much easier job for us if the houses had been all the same colour (LOL!) but oh well, this is what the customer wanted and of course we were happy to carry out his wishes.

To be honest once we had finished, I thought it looked really nice!

This is what it looked like once we had finished and removed the masking paper.

orth wales terrace with new wall coating finished job

Neat and tidy now eh?

The wall coating on these houses differs from masonry paint because the coating is resin based and therefore lasts a lot longer than paint

In fact these homes will look this good, and will be fully weatherproof, for at least 20 years, and that comes with a 20 year written warranty.

And the final shot of this newly painted block of town houses in all their glory

rear of houses in colwyn bay with a new exterior wall coating

That is obviously a photo of the rear of the houses.

We work up and down the UK painting all manner of buildings so if your home needs painting again, why not consider the more long life house painting system that we offer?

It’s not as expensive as you may think, and over time it really saves money as it does not need to be repainted for at least 20 years and it requires no maintenance.

A survey on your home is FREE and with no obligation at all.

Make us one of your 3 quotes for house painting this year.

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