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Have a look at how these textured masonry coatings for pebbledash totally transformed this former shop.

If you have ever tried to paint a pebbledashed wall you will know its near on impossible to get it looking good. Not so with our textured exterior masonry wall coating system, which is ideal for already textured walls such as pebbledash.

Here you can read a case study of a job we did in Northumberland, transforming a dull pebbledashed former corner shop, into a warm and welcoming home, in less than a week, during winter.

Our textured exterior masonry coating system has been applied by our own teams since the 1980’s.

This property in the far north of England was previously a shop with owners accommodation but was converted some time ago into a private house.

The owners had spent time and money in the inside, but had not had anything done externally or cosmetically, until now.

Showing you one of our projects is perhaps the best way to explain what textured masonry coatings are, how they are applied, and the benefits that come with having this system on your property.

This is what this pebbledashed property looked like before we started painting work

Front of pebbledashed house before masonry coatings-min

Doesn’t look very inspiring at present does it?

I think anyone would agree that a lick of paint would bring this old property back to life, however if you have ever tried to paint pebbledashed walls you would know it is very difficult to do with normal masonry wall paint.

It is even more difficult to consider pebble dash removal as it is a complete nightmare, I know this from experience, and it is a major job, fraught with risk, and not recommended, so what was the option?

Never Paint Again textured masonry coatings are designed to solve problems like this, and although it introduces colour to the outside of any property, it is FAR MORE than a lick of paint.

Yes it IS a sort of textured masonry paint, but it is applied in a totally different way to you would think.

Here is the front and side of the house before painting started

You can clearly see this was a corner shop in the “old days.”

House in northumberland before painting-min


You can also see where various alterations to the house have resulted in mismatched pebbledashed areas showing up, which if you don’t mind me saying, looking absolutely awful!

You can NEVER EVER match old and new pebbledash, it is literally impossible.

The process involved in applying our masonry wall coatings.

  • The first thing we do is wash down the walls to get rid of any dirt, loose material or debris.
  • We then mask up the doors and windows and lay dust sheets across lawns and paths so as to not make any mess.
  • We then carry out any repairs needed to the building such as re-rendering, replacing cracked render or pebbledash and fixing cracks in the external wall.
  • We then, in the case of pebbledash, hand-apply a bonded cement based primer coating and allow to dry. This also seals in any loose pebbles so they will never fall off again.
  • After this, a primer is applied to the walls.
  • Once everything is done, the final part is to spray apply our textured masonry coating, allow to dry for a few hours, remove the masking paper and clean up.

Then each property we complete comes with a 20 year guarantee that it will not chip, fade, flake, crack or peel, plus it will repel all mould and mildew, even in shaded areas, so no more painting or repairs for at least 2 decades!

Our masonry coatings are suitable also for rendered and painted houses, brick houses and virtually all other exterior wall types.

Back to the property in question……

Here is another side, the rear of the patchy pebbledashed wall, before we started work.

Side and rear of pebbledashed house in northumberland before masonry coatings-min

Once again we see the different areas of pebbledash which have been replaced, leaving more discoloured areas of the wall which are impossible to hide with normal paint.

The finished product: A property in Northumberland, made to look great again, with NEVER PAINT AGAIN masonry wall coatings.

Here is the old shop entrance.

As you can see the painted wall surface is now a uniform colour and texture and none of the ugly old repairs in the “before” photos can be seen.

The mouldings around the windows and the corner now really stand out and complement the overall appearance.

House in northumberland after painting-min


The same success can be said for the side and rear of the property now painting has been completed

As you can see the mis-matched pebbledash is now hidden under the thick coating we applied, and to say our wall coating has completely transformed the property would be quite an understatement.

This will stay looking this good for at least the next 20 years and will repel all the weather mother nature can throw at it, and more.

Side and rear of house after masonry coatings-min

If you scroll back up the page slightly you can compare the 2 rather strikingly different images.

Once that old wooden gate is painted, that will complete the ensemble perfectly.

So what are the benefits of NPA Textured masonry coatings?

Our masonry coatings do NOT fade, chip, crack or peel, and they resist the accumulation of dirt, mould, pollution, industrial grime and algae on the walls.

This masonry wall coating system also saves money & will significantly lower home heating bills with the reduction of wind chill, condensation and cold wall syndrome.

As the coatings are 20 times the thickness of a masonry paint film, they conceal surface blemishes, cracks, uneven wall & scars, meaning a clean, crisp and uniform finish is achieved across the entire house.

In addition to that, NPA exterior wall coatings cure mould and penetrating damp for good in all cases.

In addition, there are many beautiful colours, finishes and textures available to suit each individual property, to your specification.

Are there any more benefits to having an exterior wall coating from NPA?

There are further benefits and reassurances with a 20 year written guarantee, with 3rd party insurance cover on top, meaning that this type of work can be a very good and risk-free investment indeed.

The cost of the work is obviously a bit more than a normal paint job, but as you can see, you get far more for your money, and a bonus in the fact you only need to pay for this ONCE in 20 years, instead of every other year like masonry paint..

Normal masonry paint, applied by a local painter and decorator will offer you NONE of the above benefits.

Contact us today for a free quote to have our long life wall coating system applied to your home.

To find out more about the benefits of exterior textured masonry coatings for your house, call us on (0800) 970 4928, they are open 7 days a week and they offer service in all areas of England, Scotland and Wales.

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