Exterior wall coating completed on ex council house cumbria

A resin based wall coating can make your brick house stand out from the crowd

If you live in a house of unpainted brick but you are considering having it painted, you will be aware that once you paint a house with a brick exterior, you cannot ever change your mind, it’s done and that’s it!

The problem is once you paint brick with masonry paint, it will have to be done again every couple of years or it will quickly start to look terrible.

Our wall coatings alleviate that and here is an example of our work, an ex council house in Carlisle.

This house had been lovingly cared for by it’s owners but they knew that the bricks were not in very good condition, and they also wanted to brighten it’s appearance up a bit, so they called us.

Here’s how we transformed a has-been, into a must-have with this resin based exterior coating!

If you try and paint a brick faced house like this with normal outdoor wall paint you are going to run into some serious problems, even if you are quite adept at painting.

Due to the condition of the walls, and the porosity of the bricks, if you applied normal masonry paint to the house, the paint itself would be sucked in to the bricks, leaving a patchy appearance.

Even if you applied coat after coat of traditional masonry paint, it would look TERRIBLE.

Not only that, the bricks on this house required repair before any painting could be carried out, and the reinstatement of lots areas of loose mortar joints (pointing) that head weathered and fallen away over time, allowing rainwater to seep in and cause damp.

Nothing lasts for ever, especially if it has no protection from the weather, so when searching for a house painting quote make sure you choose paint that will last

What steps did we take to renovate this house?

Well as we have HUNDREDS of examples of our previous work on the site, I will be brief in describing the work, so here goes.

This is us “in action”, at the site in Carlisle, Cumbria, painting the walls.

Applying primer to bagged brick walls
Here you can see the painting team in action. The grey area is the bagging primer coat and the white area is the primer. Note the spray machine in the foreground which we use to apply the final weatherproof paint finish.

Our house painting teams carried out the following work:

  • Powerwashed the walls to remove any loose matter
  • Replaced the face of bricks that had succumbed to erosion and frost damage
  • Removed and replaced loose pointing mortar joints around the bricks
  • Masked up the doors, windows and laid dustsheets on the floor.
  • Hand-applied a weatherproof primer
  • Spray-applied a thick coat of Wethertex MP44 masonry coating
  • Allowed to dry, removed masking and clean site.

As you can see it’s FAR MORE than a lick of paint we do to each property and you can see in the above image that we take a lot of care to not make any mess, and that includes respect for your neighbours house too.

If you live in a terraced house or a Semi detached house like this, we make sure no mess at all finds its way into your neighbours property.

The benefits of having an NPA wall coating on your home.

As you have learnt, our house painting teams make a big song and dance about making sure your home receives the very best workmanship and materials.

Which is why all work is covered by an insurance-backed 20 year warranty for your peace of mind.

The Wethertex exterior wall coating has not only transformed this house, the paint finish on the walls now will not need to be repainted or repaired for at least 20 years, in fact we know of some cases where the coating has lasted nearly 30 years without repainting so a 20 year warranty is conservative to say the least.

And here is the finished article, painted, weatherproofed, and protected with a resin based coating.

Front of brick house in Carslisle with new paint

I am sure you can see that this house really stands out from the crowd now and will carry on giving the owners pleasure and peace of mind for at least 20 years.

Exterior wall coating completed on ex council house cumbria

This service is available in all areas of England and Wales, and most areas of Scotland.

A quote and survey for a textured exterior wall coating is FREE and with no pressure or obligation, we do not employ pushy salesmen.

If you would like to find out more about this wall coating system, and get an estimate to have it on your home, give us a call on (0800) 970 4928 or click on CONTACT to email us.

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