Manchester house being repaired prior to wall coating work by NEVER PAINT AGAIN

Protective exterior wall coatings beat ordinary masonry paint and it’s the best you can get for your house!

Your house needs something to protect the outside walls, something that normal masonry paint will not provide, but protection from WHAT exactly?

We look at why most homes don’t have sufficient protection on the exterior walls, we look at what your home needs protecting FROM, and we suggest ways to add protection to your home at a relatively low cost.

Each house around the country is different, even homes next to each other, built at the same time and with a similar external appearance, however they are not all the same.

One thing each house has in common though, is the need to keep the occupants (i.e. you and your family) warm, dry and snug inside, and to afford us protection, but protection from what?

This is why your house needs exterior protection via a wall coating.

You would probably have some sort of idea about what is on the outside walls of your house but not too much, in fact if you are an average person, you probably have never taken much notice, unless something has gone wrong on the outside such as cracks in the walls or the paint flaking off.

Either way, you don’t need to be an expert decorator to know that seeing that sort of thing is not right.

If you CAN see defects on the walls like that, it is a clear sign that your house has little or no protection from the weather.

“I want someone to paint my house”

People often opt for a decorator to come around every 2 years with masonry paint, because they haven’t heard about our house painting system.

You can SEND this page to them to let them know, especially if they are looking for a house painting quote!

WHAT exactly, does my house need protection from and where does exterior house painting come into it?

The property you own is often your largest asset and needs all manner of protection to keep it in good condition, which also helps to retain its value.

We often buy protection in the form of insurance, but that is for AFTER, or JUST IN CASE, the event happens, rather than something that will prevent something happening.

A good example is home contents cover.

But let’s be frank here, you are buying a piece of paper with words on it, albeit a legally binding contract.

It won’t actually PREVENT someone robbing you will it?

Saying that, this article is not about protecting your home from thieves, it is actually what can PHYSICALLY go wrong with your home if you have little of no protection.

Your property needs protection from THE WEATHER.

Your house is under constant attack from the weather.

This can include:

  • Snow
  • Rain (especially wind-driven rain)
  • Pollution and industrial dirt
  • Frost (which can crack render & pebbledash)
  • Landslips, excessive movement and “acts of God”
  • Direct, hot sun (Yes, I know that’s rare here in the UK!)
  • Storms and inclement weather
  • Damp, mould and mildew

Will painting my house with exterior masonry paint afford protection from the elements?

No. (!). Masonry paint is purely decorative, and even though some manufacturers claim their masonry paint is weather protecting, in reality is not, and the film of paint of your house is thinner than you may think.

Masonry paint, the type you can buy in any DIY store, is actually COLOURED WATER.

Dulux weathershield paint is coloured water

You are putting WATER on the exterior walls of your house.

The major paint companies don’t tell you this but if you go to their individual websites and look at technical info or a data sheet on their exterior paint (above), you will clearly see in most cases, the dominant ingredient is WATER.

Painting the outside of any house, using masonry paint, means that you are paying someone to add coloured water to the outside of your house. That is basically it in a nutshell.

Ordinary Masonry paint doesn’t sound much in the way of “protective” does it?

Paints can ready to take the rubbish tip
These old tins of paint are now ready to take to the local recycling centre!

So I hear you thinking ……..

...”My house has painted walls, so if paint is no good, what exactly should go on the outside wall?……….

…. Something like paint but something that actually offers protection from bad weather and damp getting in, plus something I don’t have to repaint each other year?”….

Exterior wall coatings will offer your house complete protection.

The alternative to paint and the only house painting system that is proven to protect your home is the NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating system.

It is a bit like a thick textured masonry paint, but is applied with a spray machine, not a brush or a roller.

This service, available on this website, is the only way to decorate the exterior of your house, AND provide complete weather protection.

This comes with a 20 year guarantee too, which is 5 years more than the majority of exterior wall coating companies offer.

The protective element of the wall coating comes with the fact it is made with perlite, which is crushed Italian marble, blended with various colour fast pigments and dyes, and bound together with resins, to make the most durable protective wall coating you can buy in the Uk today.


Another reason to ask us about prices for this wall coating is the fact that our factory-trained installation teams carry out all repairs needed to your home, such as removing flaky paint, fixing cracks in the walls.

A house painting estimate from us will cost you nothing.

Other problems are cured such as damp proofing, carrying out rendering or repairs to render, until the entire exterior of your house is free of defects.

This is what the house at the top of the page looked like once we had applied our protective wall coating system.

Large home in Manchester after a new wethertex wall coating

The team then masks up the windows and sprays 2 thick coats of our protective wall coating, and then we tidy up, clean the site, and you are left with a beautiful looking home, with no need to decorate for the next 20 years, guaranteed.

So if you think that your home could do with a bit of protection from the weather, AND you also want it to look freshly decorated and looking great, call us FREE today for a chat, on (0800) 970 4928 or contact us via our secure email form.

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