Sheffield house with new never paint again wall coating

Exterior house painting in Sheffield, Yorkshire, with the NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system

If the outside of your house needs painting every year, the costs can soon mount up, so why not consider a longer term solution, like these people did for their detached home, which was between Barnsley and Sheffield, Yorkshire.

We took some photos whilst working on the property to show you how we differ from your traditional painter and decorator.

The big difference between us and your local decorator is the fact that we don’t use paint brushes to paint the outside of a house.

We SPRAY the outside of a house rather than paint.

This not only has benefits insofar as we can apply the paint quicker, it means that we can apply a thicker coating to the walls, in fact our wall coating system is up to 20 times the thickness of masonry paint, and it will last for over 20 years, and that is a guaranteed long life exterior wall finish.

This is the house before we started, looking rather dull and forlorn

rear of Sheffield house before application of wall coating paint

The exterior walls of the house were coated with what is known as “tyrolean”, which is a process whereby small lumps of mortar are flicked onto the walls by a machine, creating a heavily textured pattern

Tyrolean repairs often are needed when the inflexible wall covering cracks over time as it becomes brittle with age.

Never Paint Again have surveyed many houses with this particular problem and sometimes we find the tyrolean is so brittle it simply falls off when pulled by hand.

Normal paint won’t ever protect your home, in fact looking at climatic conditions for the Sheffield area, our research showed that between 1971 and 2000 Sheffield averaged 824.7 millimetres (32.47 in) of rain per year;

Although that sounds pretty wet, we found out that In 2019, the annual average rainfall in the UK reached 1,416.6 millimetres.

It’s never been so important to protect your home from the UK weather, something our breathable and flexible exterior wall coating excels at.

Here we can see the rear of the house, again, looking rather dull and grey

rear of house before we applied the wall coating paint

In order to transform the external appearance,  we commenced work in preparing the walls for the application of the NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system.

We have successfully applied this coating to homes up and down the UK, since 1986.

We have to do a lot more prep work beforehand, which stands us apart from any Yorkshire painter and decorator, and we are Yorkshire born and bred, and can use our local knowledge to find out what your average Yorkshire home owner wants from his or her home.

The first thing our team did was to check the walls for damage and problems such as areas of loose tyrolean (A common problem) and cracks in the walls, all of which had to be repaired.

When we repair the walls, once the wall coating is applied, the repairs are completely hidden and cannot be seen.

Here we see the gable end of the house after we had applied a stabiliser.

Gable end of house with bagging coating before wall coating

With tyrolean walls, it’s of importance to make sure the walls are free of defects before painting.

This stabiliser coating is made up of a thin sand/cement/unibond mixture, which is applied by hand across the whole house.

Before this happens, we mask up all the doors and windows, examples of which can be seen in our before and after photo gallery.

Once the walls are stabilised, we then hand-apply a special waterproof primer, which gives an off-white finish, and provides a good surface for the house to receive the top coat of wall coatings.

Once the wall coating is applied to the house exterior, we remove the masking and clear the site.

Here’s what once end of the house looks like now, with Wethertex MP44 masonry coating

side view of yorkshire house with wethertex wall coating

This property, and in fact all our other clients homes, will NOT need to be repaired or repainted for the next 20 years so you can imagine how much money that will save over time, not forgetting no hassle of having workmen around every year too.

Our service is reasonably priced, and is available across mainland UK.

So if you are wondering what the benefits are of having this painting system applied to your house as opposed to normal paint…..

Key benefits of having a wall coating.

  • No fading, chipping, cracking or peeling for 20 years
  • Resists rain, snow, dirt, mould and local pollution
  • Lowers your home heating bills, saving you money.
  • A 20 year written guarantee is issued upon completion
  • Conceals cracks, scruffy pebbledash and uneven walls.
  • Cures mould, condensation and penetrating damp.
  • Never fades, with beautiful shades, textures and colours.
  • Stops erosion, cracks, flaky paint, damp and mould
  • Minimum disruption to your home
  • All work carried out safely and to government covid-19 rules


How much does an exterior wall coating cost?

That is always the most common question we get asked, and in basic terms, we don’t have any average prices, all jobs are priced on a case by case basis.

To get a price for your house is very easy and can be done during lockdown periods in the pandemic.

We can price the work remotely, using photos, video or live video chat, although we do need to speak to you on the phone beforehand.

If you choose to accept our proposal, we prepare a schedule of works in writing so you know exactly what work you have asked us to do, and the total cost, which is fixed in writing,

Once the men turn up, at a time and date agreed with you, we work safely and o not require access into your home, or any physical contact with any member of your household. Further details are available upon request.

All quotes and estimates are FREE and without obligation.

Project carried out in October 2020, by The Wall Coating Company, Unit 2, Dolly Lane Business Centre, Dolly Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS9 7NN.

Contact us for a FREE quote, on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email.


If you’re still confused about what we do and you are asking “what are wall coatings” click the link to learn more.

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