westbury on trym front after painting

Using Wethertex to paint this house in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Never Paint Again is the UK’s foremost wall coating and house painting company and we work nationwide installing our super long life durable wall coatings to homes built with pebbledash, like this one in Westbury on Trym, Bristol. Take a look at the work we did and the before and after pictures....

flaking pebbledash can be repaired with never paint again exterior wall coatings

Render, replace or paint? Solutions for pebbledash covered houses

Pebbledash covers much of the UK’s early to mid 20th century housing stock and was primarily invented to give a cheap, fairly weatherproof,  low maintenance wall coating over poor quality brickwork. Pebbledash, the traditional British (and Irish) version anyway, should last between 20 and 40 years. Many of the older style homes that have...

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Exterior wall coatings London

Painting a Pebbledashed house in Blackheath, south east London

Houses with pebbledash attract grime and start to look unsightly after a while, especially so for this property in London that was recently completed by one of our exterior wall coatings contractors. This lovely Edwardian house in Blackheath, London, was a palace inside, however the exterior appearance left a lot to be desired, so...

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Tips on Painting Pebbledash. There is an easier way

If you have ever tried to paint over a pebbledashed wall, or are considering painting some pebbledash,  we have some tips and advice for the average DIY enthusiast and the tradesman too. What are your options? Is there an easy way to paint a house with pebbledash?...

Brighton exterior wall coatings

Sussex Pebbledashed house painted with textured coatings

This property in Brighton had suffered badly at the hands of the previous owner, a social landlord, who like many landlords, failed to maintain his “asset”. Never paint again was contracted to restore the rear of the house only, including much repair work. Here’s what we did....

flaking pebbledash can be repaired with never paint again exterior wall coatings

Some good solutions for cracked pebbledash walls

Pebbledash as an exterior wall coating is one of those “Marmite” type things; you either love it or hate it. From a money point of view, it also only has a finite lifespan so when the outside walls of your house look tired, with missing stones, cracks, hollow render and bald areas of pebbles,...

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