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Textured wall coatings have renovated this Devon Bungalow which is now also protected from harsh rural weather.

One of the great things about our job is no two weeks are ever the same, so it was a refreshing change to renovate and refurbish the outside of this bungalow which was located in Winkleigh, a village and civil parish, within the beautiful rolling hills in rural Devon and close to the town of Okehampton.

This page will briefly show you the type of work we could be doing on the outside of your house if you choose us to repair and paint the exterior of your property this year.

Renovating and weatherproofing comes naturally when we use our special textured wall coatings.

As you can probably tell, we are not here describing a simple paint job. Yes our customer is having the outside of his house painted, however all is not as first seems as we do things a little different around here.

For a start, your typical local painter and decorator would simply turn up, slap some paint onto the wall and that would be pretty much all you would get.

No guarantee, no customer service, no backup from a national company. Nowt.

The problem with the approach described above is that it unfortunately needs to be repeated at least every 2 years, or in this case, every year due to the mould that grows on houses in damp valley locations such as this.

This is one reason why we got called in to provide a more permanent and weatherproof house painting solution, one that will save the owner a lot of money (and hassle) over time.

This photo shows the amount of prep work that goes into each exterior wall coating job we do

Patch repairs to rendering and application of primer coat before applying wall coating paint

It’s useful to scroll back up to the top to see how we transformed this house!

Unlike your local decorator, we carry out repairs, instead of “papering over the cracks” to use a old phrase. Many painters are just paid to paint, and that is all they will do, nothing more.

In fact many decorators do not even have the skills or tools to carry out repairs and I am sure if you look at some of the houses in your own street where you live, you can clearly see some really bad painting work!

As you can see in the photo above, our team removed render that had come away from the wall and was causing damp to enter the building, making the walls inside mouldy in places.

Mould can be very damaging to your health and if your home is suffering from black mould on the internal walls, it is very important to get rid of it ASAP.

Many people wrongly believe that if their house has mould, they just bleach it and paint over it! Household bleach actually CAUSES mould to re-appear as it contains water, and neither masonry paint, nor emulsion paint will cure damp or mould.

So if we painted the exterior walls of this bungalow but we didn’t use paint, what DID we use?

We used Wethertex textured wall coatings, and here is a close up of a sample.

coarse-textured-coating sample

This resin based, all-weather coating is specifically designed to repel damp, mould, bad weather, storms, rain, in fact anything you can throw at it.

The textured part of it is provided by adding a compound called Perlite, which is crushed Italian marble.

The wall coating is independently tested using advanced weathering machines, and is proven to last over 20 years, and we guarantee that.

This house is on the fringes of the Dartmoor national park, so weatherproofing was a very important deciding factor for our client.

So if we paint, but we don’t “paint” (!) what DO we do?

We SPRAY our exterior textured wall coatings to the walls, literally fusing the product to the surface and locking it in to form a breathable but weatherproof paint finish, one that will last over 20 years.

Because this is a very thick and viscous product, we don’t use paint brushes, we use a spray machine, which blasts the textured coating onto the wall, ensuring that the product achieves 100% coverage all around.

Because we use a spray, we have to hand apply a primer first, but we mask up all the doors and windows to avoid any mess, as you can see in the photos, and only then do we apply our special exterior wall coating.

Primer coating on a masked up wall prior to the application of a textured wall coating

You can see in the next image that we have to apply the primer all the way around, so the photo below shows one side of the bungalow that can be viewed in an earlier stage by scrolling back up to the screen.

This was the end of day two on the job and as you can see the sun started to go down so apologies for the poor quality of the photo, I don’t think this image will find it’s way on Instagram! LOL!


Devon bungalow with primer on walls ready to spray wethertex masonry wall coating

It is of vital importance that we spend a of of time carrying out repairs to a house before we even open a can of paint. The repairs could be cutting out and filling cracks, rendering, removing mould, alterations, and so on.

Whatever needs to be done to your home to restore it to it’s former glory and to give it a new lease of life, we can do it, and our skilled teams come fully prepared for any eventuality.

Some jobs we do require completely re-rendering, some jobs require crack repairs, and some jobs are in such good condition we can just mask up and start spraying.

Professional wall coating companies will always and without fail, carry out any repairs needed to your home before applying a wall coating to it.

If they did not do the factory-specified preparation work, the masonry surface coating product would not last the 20 year lifespan it is designed for.

One look through our case studies archive (see menu at top of screen) you will see how thorough we are in our work. Anyway, back to this job.

Once all the spraying had been done, we allowed a short drying time and then removed the masking paper, and the dust sheets we had placed on the ground, and then did a thorough clean up of the whole site, leaving no mess at all.

Here you can see the finished product, a weather-protected bungalow using Wethertex textured wall coatings.

Textured exterior wall coating on rear and side of rural bungalow in Winkleigh Devon

The exterior paint finish on this bungalow will last over 20 years, guaranteed.

The product will NOT fade, crack, chip or peel.

It will stop all kinds of damp, mould, mildew and condensation.

Also due to it’s insulating properties, will also cut out wind chill and cold-wall syndrome, lowering your household heating bills over time.

The wall coating system is available across England and Wales and we have a national dealer network ready and waiting to serve you. A quotation for this work is completely FREE and you don’t have to live in Devon to qualify!

Extensive references are also available should you be interested in getting a competitive quote from us to have our team paint the outside of your property with this weatherproof long life house painting system.

Maybe this year (and the next, and the next…) it could be YOU who will NEVER PAINT AGAIN?

Get in touch today by completing our secure contact form, or calling us (Monday to Saturday) on 0800 970 4928

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