Gable end of newly painted essex chalet house

Exterior wall coating for Chalet Style house in Billericay, Essex

We were invited to refurbish this modern chalet style house in August 2012, in the town of Billericay, in Essex, so we took some photos to show you exactly what happens when we refurbish a home.

The job involved removing and replacing old, cracked rendering, and the application of a new External wall coating.

This house, probably built during the 1970’s, is located on the edge of the Essex town of Billericay, near Basildon.

What a lot of people DON’T know is that it is famous for where the Pilgrim fathers met, before going to Plymouth (my home town), and then setting sail to found what is now the USA.

You may also like to know that Billericay is the setting of the BBC TV sitcom “Gavin & Stacey” and portrayed as the home of character Gavin Shipman (Mathew Horne) and his mum and dad, although in reality, filming took place in Wales! I digress……

Rendering a house in Essex: first things first.

One of the first jobs we had to do was to remove old, cracked render from the gable ends of this house, which you can see below as the bricks are exposed.

Note the good quality bricks that have been used around the edge, compared with the sub-standard quality bricks which were used underneath the rendering.


Removing the old render

The work on both gable ends were more or less the same, remove the old, cracked render and replace with a smooth stucco finish, prior to painting.

This is a common problem we find with old render, even though this house was built in the 1970’s, the render coating just did not stand up to the test of time and cracks were abound in the entire wall.

The next photo shows the render as it is being applied.


Laying on the coat of render


Once all the render was dry, and the windows, doors and fascia boards were protected with masking paper, we applied, by hand, a coat of  primer, and then applied the top coat of NEVER PAINT AGAIN masonry wall coating, to the walls, and allowed to dry.

Once it had dried, we removed the masking paper and tape, and did a good clean up of the site, and here is the finished article!

A spray paint coating gives this Essex home a brand new appearance!

A house in Essex newly painted

This job only took 3 days to do, and the coating will now last upwards of 20 years, just like all the houses in Essex we paint.

Sometimes the biggest change you can do to a home is achieved with the most subtle amount of work.

The special external masonry wall covering we put over the top of the render has now protected the rendering

The benefits are the facts that the external wall coatings here will not crack again, nor will the paint coating discolour, fade, crack or peel off, which would be the case if normal paint had been brushed on.

Despite looking all “fancy pants” this house wall painting system is not as expensive as it looks.

The wall covering on this home is now guaranteed against surface failure for 20 years.

We are a national company although we have agents local to Essex and we have worked in many areas of the county, from Basildon to Brentwood, Southend, Leigh, Grays, we have painted houses in Chelmsford, Mersea, Clatcon, Romford to Harlow, we like to get around!

To find out more, or to get a quote for your house to have this long-life weatherproofing paint system, call us now on 0800 970 4928 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US

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