Thermal Insulation fitted

Exterior solid wall insulation

applying thermal insulated blocksDo you have an older home that has no cavity wall?

Is the inside often very cold, even with the heating on?

Are your home heating bills costing you more and more each year?

Does the outside of your house attract mould, cracks and flaking paint?

Then there is a solution for your house that will cure all these problems, and more, plus it will leave your property with a brand new exterior appearance too!

An approved thermal exterior wall insulation service can CUT HEAT LOSS BY UP TO 40%, meaning that not only will you save money on lower heating bills, the solid wall external insulating system will PAY FOR ITSELF in only a few years!

External home insulation is the first step that can be applied to the interior or exterior walls of a house, however for greatest weatherproof and insulation, we would recommend the exterior walls to be insulated, especially if no cavity is present, such as on homes built before 1920.

What is external Wall insulation?

External wall insulation (or EWIS) is a layer of material, sometimes boards or sometimes insulated render, applied to the external walls of the house.

This can also take the form of cladding, or brick slips, insulated boards which, when fitted to the house, makes it look like the property has a brand new brick wall. There are other exterior wall finishes available to you such as a pebbledash or tyrolean effect.

Typical brands of insulation boards used range from Kingspan, knauf and celotex.

This is usually applied to houses with solid walls and no cavity.

The photos below show each stage in simple to read photo captions.

Once the insulation is applied to the exterior walls of the house, the team apply a weatherproof wall coating, either by render or by a spray applied system.


Smart homes have Insulation for their outside walls

We all want to save money nowadays and there is no better way to do this than by having a thermal weatherproof wall covering fitted to the outside of your house, you will save so much money and your home will take on a completely new feel.

In addition, other exterior wall finishes for your new insulation can be considered such as brick slips and other cladding type wall coverings.


wall before insulation
1. Existing solid wall requiring exterior wall insulation fitted to maximise heat retention and minimise heat loss through the walls.
applying insulated blocks
2. Applying and fixing the insulation blocks, in this case, 600mm for maximum effect.


Thermal Insulation fitted
3. Thermal Insulation fitted and jointed ready for the render coating


The render is applied to the insulated wall
4. The render is applied to the insulated wall. It can then be finished off with a decorative exterior wall coatings or a high performance render based wall coating.


This type of exterior wall insulation can be fitted only by suitably trained external insulation installers.


Our range of exterior wall coatings for the walls of your home can make your house beautiful in no time at all!


If you do not have external wall insulation fitted, most of the heat generated in your home to keep warm, from radiators, open fires etc, goes straight out of the walls and this can be proved by appointing a surveyor to do a thermal image scan on your home, which would pinpoint where the heat is being lost.

Once thing to consider is the thickness of the external insulation and the appearance of the house. Profiles range from 300mm to 600mm and they will of course protrude outwards slightly so it is important to select an exterior insulation system that is pleasing to the house, whilst still doing the job of insulating the walls and not letting the heat escape.


The thickness of the external wall insulation often depends on the level of insulation required.


Particularly cold homes may need the thickest type of exterior insulation fitted, to maximise the efficiency of the insulation and to dramatically reduce the amount of heat lost through the wall.

A good way of cutting costs is to combine with this other insulation, such as loft insulation which is easily fitted, quite cheap, and brings great benefits very quickly.

Having external wall insulation brings much “karma” too with the fact that you are actively making a real difference to the amount of carbon emissions your home uses as you will not only enjoy lower heating bills, any heat generated internally will NOT escape, so no waste either.

So what will the wall look like?

There are various exterior wall finishes to make the insulation decorative as we outlined above. The thing with an EWIS system is that it brings two-fold benefits in that it provides insulation for your home, a barrier against damp and cold, plus it gives the house a brand appearance too!

Here is an example of a smooth render, with a long life weatherproof wall coating, on the same house as above but taken from a different angle.

house is painted with an exterior wall coating

Ok, so now you have decided that you need external insulation to your home, it’s time to take action and get someone in professional to take a look.

UPDATED: Please note, since 2015, we no longer offer exterior wall insulation, however if you do have cold and damp walls, we do have another product HERE that may suit you