A mill cottage after AFTER wall coatings

Decorative roof coatings. Are they a good idea or not?

It goes without saying that your roof is one of the most important, in fact maybe THE most important thing on your house so if your roof has problems, do you call a qualified roofer, or a wall coating company who offer roof coatings in their range? We are always looking for new products to...Continue reading

protective decorative roof paint coatings from Andura

DIY and trade Top Tips on preventing roof leaks

Do you have a leaky roof? All types of roof, whether flat or sloping roofs, need to be waterproof, weatherproof, insulated, and also have a good means of draining away water from rain, such as gutters and downpipes. Here are some tips to avoid this very major issue.

Hard of hearing deaf man

Noisy neighbours, soundproofing and acoustic controls

Does noise bother you? Whether we live in a house or an apartment, noise, from neighbours or nearby businesses, can ruin not only our sleep, but our daily lives too. We discuss and explain solutions for soundproofing houses and flats in a sustainable way, to provide a better quality of life for us all.

cosy by the fire after having an insulated wall coating

Cavity wall insulation, is it good or bad for my house?

Cavity wall insulation is defined as the injection of an insulating material (usually recycled cardboard, rockwool or polystyrene balls) which fill the cavity (the space between the inner and outer walls) of a house and provide a thermal barrier. There are tremendous benefits to this system, although there are critics of it too and we...Continue reading

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