End terrace in lsikeard cornwall with new wall coating

Painting and decorating the outside of a house in Liskeard, Cornwall

Here is another of our completed exterior masonry coating jobs from the Plymouth office who look after our valued customers in Devon and Cornwall.

This page shows you briefly what we got up to when we were asked to do a spot of painting and decorating to the outside of a house in Liskeard.

A lot of people wrongly think we only do big fancy houses, like the sort of house you see in a glossy magazine, but no, we paint everyday homes too, such as this charming end of terrace house in Cornwall.

This small project in Cornwall shows how our aesthetically pleasing wall coatings can bring new life to old pebbledash.

The best local exterior house painter and decorator from Cornwall isn’t a man from Newquay in a little beaten-up van who does it all for cash, it’s OURSELVES, professional house painters, and we have experience since 1986, painting, and repairing, houses of all shapes and sizes throughout the county!

We’ve certainly picked up a few painting and decorating tips since we started our company back in 1986!

A small house like this is like going on holiday for us, and only took 2 long days, although it still presents us with decorating challenges, but we have the tools and experience to transform any house, no matter what condition.

In this case, the property had actually been kept in quite good condition by the owner, however we often have to carry out repairs to the walls before we start, such as re-rendering or fixing cracks, but luckily for us, this was quite a straightforward painting task.

Here is the house in Liskeard on the day we started work.

an end terrace in Liskeard before exterior house painting

What you can see here is the men masking up the areas not be painted, such as the windows, gutters and so on, plus dust sheets are laid down on the floor to prevent any spillages or mess.

As this is a pebbledashed house, if a painter tried to apply normal masonry paint, it would look utterly terrible and would take ages to complete.

In order for us to correctly prepare the wall for the best exterior paint finish, we hand apply a cement slurry, a process called bagging, across the whole of the area to be painted, and then we allow this to dry.

This seals any loose pebbledash stones, plus it helps to fill in the millions of tiny holes and bumps that you find on a pebble dashed house.

This enables us to continue with the next stage, the addition of primer.

This shows the stage of adding the primer to the exterior wall.

Liskeard house having work done

As you can see, we also protect the bushes and plants from paint spills, something your local exterior house painter and decorator in Cornwall often forgets about.

The primer is worked in behind all the pipes, under the window cills, and into every nook and cranny, and then we wait for this to dry, usually only a few hours, and then we set up the paint spraying machine to apply the topcote.

What external coating product did we use on this house?

With long term weather protection in mind, we selected a specialist exterior wall coating, made for us by Wethertex.

wethertex mp44 textured exterior wall coating

This amazing system can only be applied with industrial spraying equipment, and by specialists such as ourselves, who have been trained by the factory to apply it, and it cannot be bought in the shops.

Our aesthetically pleasing wall coating lasts over 20 years, and is guaranteed to not fade, crack, chip or peel, plus another benefit to the customer is the fact that this coating stops damp, mould and condensation, something normal paint will never do.

Here is the finished article, a newly painted home in Liskeard.

End terrace in lsikeard cornwall with new wall coating

If you would like your house in Cornwall (or Devon) exterior painted this year, call us FREE for some decorating advice on 0800 970 4928 or click CONTACT from the menu bar.

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PS after we finished this job, we went onto an exterior refurbishment of a house in Truro

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