Front of bungalow in Kent with wethertex textured exterior wall coating

This wall coating was ideal for the Kent weather!

I’m from Kent originally and I know only too well how we can go from scorching hot summers in the county, to freezing cold winters, with not much in between. The owners of this Bungalow in Biddenden, near Ashford in Kent, also knew this which is one reason why they chose us, the only...

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Never Paint Again exterior wall coatings company

We can paint your house exterior in autumn and winter!

Did you know your home Can be painted during winter? You didn’t? Well it CAN! Our hardy teams are still braving the weather and weatherproofing homes and businesses across the United Kingdom as we speak, but how do they do it?...

Tips on Painting Pebbledash. There is an easier way

If you have ever tried to paint over a pebbledashed wall, or are considering painting some pebbledash,  we have some tips and advice for the average DIY enthusiast and the tradesman too. What are your options? Is there an easy way to paint a house with pebbledash?...

Front of house final picture after wall coating

A property in Dorset with a spray-on wall coating

This large house in Dorset is our latest completed rendering and exterior wall coating job and doesn’t it look grand! We have the full project page with photos and job description for you to see. Earlier this year, this customer contacted the leading wall coating company from the NEVER PAINT AGAIN house painting website...

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Main front AFTER wall coating image

Skegness ex-council house gets a new wall coating

This Lincolnshire property in Skegness was painted brick but suffered badly from flaking, plus the previous owners sense of humour with the house being bright red! A new look was needed…. The property, set in a delightful, quiet residential street has suffered from the elements and there was a lot of loose, cracked and...

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Why ruin your house with Pebbledash?

Are you looking to get something done to the outside walls of your house fairly soon? Are you considering an External wall finish that is maintenance free?  Then DON’T choose pebbledash!...

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