A house in truro having never paint again wethertex wall coatings applied

Renovating a house exterior in Truro, Cornwall, so it won’t need to be painted for 20 years!

This time we are looking at a house we externally renovated, in the city of Truro, in Cornwall.

We cover the repair aspects of the job such as rendering and repairs to existing render, and we show you how we prepare the house for painting.

We then describe in brief how a renovation or a refurbishment of an exterior wall, is very different, to say the least, than merely applying a quick lick of paint.

Renovating exterior walls Vs. Painting the exterior, what’s the difference?

There is certainly a difference between the two, a big one.

Traditionally, if you live in a house with exterior walls that are painted, you get a decorator in each year, or every other year, to paint the house walls.

That’s the “done thing”, that’s apparently “what people do”.

Is it?

Not any more.

A painter and decorator, not just one from Devon or Cornwall, but ANY decorator, is employed by the homeowner to apply paint to the outside walls of a house, yes?

That’s it. nothing else. That’s your lot missus.

So what about the loose render? What about those cracks? What about those damp spots inside?

Your local painter and decorator will, in most but not all cases, simply paint OVER the cracks and over the loose render or the hollow pebbledash, although there are rare exceptions to the rule.

Has your local painter and decorator cured the problems with your house by covering over them with masonry paint?

Not on your life.

The big difference between an exterior wall renovation or refurbishment, and a quick paint job, is the fact a refurb means careful consideration and attention is given to fixing problems that have been identified, either by our own surveyor, or someone with a good bit of knowledge of home improvements.

This is the very thing that happened in Truro.

A lick of paint was just not enough, so they called the largest and most established exterior wall coating organisation working in Cornwall to revamp how their home looked.

This house in Truro needed more than just a splash of paint, it needed a decorative AND protective finish for the external walls.

The house itself was in fairly good condition, however upon surveying the property at the clients request, we did find some areas of loose render, and some minor cracking to other areas of the wall so it didn’t need a major overhaul, more of a reconditioning of the wall substrate.

Rendering repairs to a house in Truro

Looking here at the front of the house, you can see we had to remove a large area of broken rendering to the top left of the wall and a scar where an alarm box was removed.

There were other sections of the rendered wall we had to replace on the other sides of the house, however once the render repairs are done, our coating covers them up to such an extent you would never know the house had been repaired.

It’s very important that all prep work is done correctly or the wall coating would fail.

This wall was then given 2 coats of render and allowed to dry before we could carry on.

I bet your local decorator would not have done that eh?

Why is preparation and repair to the house so important before painting starts?

Any decorator worth their salt will pay attention to prep work before they even open a tin of paint, and that’s what we do. With bells on.

Here we see the next stage of the wall coating process.

This shows the rear of a house in Truro Cornwall being repaired and painted by our team

This is the rear of the house and as you can see we have already carried out the repairs to the render and our team have masked up the windows and applied a weatherproof primer, which was then allowed a few hours to dry.

Then the most important stage begins, the spray application of our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system, which is made for us by Wethertex, and comes with a 20 year written guarantee, which is also underwritten by the UK’s leading warranty insurance company.

I hope that you can clearly see the work we did to this house is a lot more than simply painting it?

A wall refurbishment encompasses all the preparation work and the repairs, so once the paint is applied, it goes onto a completely “sound” wall surface and this form of fixing up a house is one reason the paint will last much longer than if your decorator did it.

The outside wall renovation is now complete!

The front of the house in Cornwall with a wethertex exterior wall coating

Looks good huh? Scroll back up the page and compare it to what it used to look like. You cannot see where the repairs were either.

Unlike paint, the wall coating on this home will not fade, crack, chip or peel, and will go on performing like that for the next 2 decades. The job took 4 (long) working days during fine weather.

This contract was arranged through our head office: The Never Paint Again Wall Coating Co., 10 Drake Mill Business park, Plymouth. Devon. PL6 7PS.  (Nationwide UK service)

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