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Skegness ex-council house gets a finish that’s better than paint

This Lincolnshire property in Skegness was painted brick but suffered badly from flaking, plus the previous owners sense of humour with the house being bright red! A new look was needed….

The property, set in a delightful, quiet residential street has suffered from the elements and there was a lot of loose, cracked and flaky paint that needed to be taken off.

We get asked to do all sorts of houses and after all who would turn down the chance of a week in Skegness?!

No, don’t all write in to us at once….

If you didn’t know about Skegness itself, before we get into the details of what work we did on the house, here are a few facts about Skeggy (as the locals call it apparently) you may not know….


So what did we do to this Skegness house?

During the prep work, the whole wall surface had to be stabilised with a cement slurry mixture, as you can see from the photos.

We have to do this or the textured wall covering will not last for the full 20 years of its expected lifespan.

This shows us applying a special primer to the walls of the house

Front and side of Skegness house before we applied the paint
Front and side of Skegness house before we applied the paint


As the works were progressing, the new owners of this house were very glad to see the back of the previous colour, ……..I mean, ………..who paints a house red?!!

The stage you can see from this photo above, and the one below, shows the windows masked up and the cement “bagging” slurry that our team is applying to the exterior brickwork.

The primer starting to dry out. Another primer is due to be painted on top of this

Front of house with repaired bricks ready for painting
Front of house with repaired bricks ready for painting

Why do we cement wash brick houses?

That’s a good question and the answer is fairly simple.

The bricks on older houses can, over time, become worn, with cracks, pits and holes, which not only allow rainwater inside the wall, once painted, the surface will not look even and uniform unless the bagwash system is used before the primer.

We also use the method on homes that have a pebbledashed exterior wall finish.

The gable end caught the weather, so a few repairs were needed

The bagwash primer method fixes up the brickwork
The bagwash primer method fixes up the brickwork

The special primer also seals up loose bits of pointing or where the mortar has become brittle or is powdery to touch.

What we did next

We then masked up the doors and windows, applied a special waterproof wall primer and then spray applied the top coat with Exterior textured wall coatings which are ideal for previously painted brick houses.

We also have a special damp proof wall coating for unpainted walls.

Our wall coating made a huge difference

Close up of side of Skegness house with textured coatings
Close up of side of Skegness house with textured coatings

This house is now protected from the weather and will not require any further wall painting for at least the next 20 years, guaranteed!

If you look closer you can see the texture that was applied to the walls using a spray machine. We have to do this as the protective textured coating is so thick it cannot be painted on or applied by roller.

The textured element of the wall coating consists of pieces of perlite, which is crushed marble chips, giving the wall coating added strength and durability against that cold north sea wind.

Here is another view of the front, completed.

The house painted with Andura Exterior wall coatings
The house painted with NPA Exterior wall coatings

Exterior wall paints are not needed whilst you have the benefits of a spray applied exterior wall coating on YOUR house!

Who on earth would want to pay some decorator to paint the walls of the house EVERY YEAR?

Believe me, the price soon adds up!

Imagine having it done once by experts and NOT having to have it painted, OR repaired, for up to 20 years?

If you have a house that has brick exterior walls and you would like to find out more about the price of an exterior wall coating from NEVER PAINT AGAIN, then contact us today!


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