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Exterior home improvements: Painting cracked rendered walls, Bristol

How can you tell a good painting company from a bad one?

Quite simply it is related to the quality of workmanship and materials used and of course professionalism and skill.

Whilst a “cowboy” wall coating company would just paint over the cracks and poor render, our teams carry out a full exterior repair to the walls of your house before we weatherproof it with our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN system.

In order to elaborate on that, here is a house in Bristol, which we carried out some exterior home improvement work during September 2018.

This example is a good indicator of how much wall surface preparation our teams do before they even open a can of paint!

Here are a few photos and a few words from me, to show you how our expert teams go about repairing a house, weatherproofing it, and applying an exterior coating to the walls which lasts over 20 years.

Here is what work we did to improve this semi detached house in a Bristol suburb.

This is the front of the house obviously

front of house in Bristol having render repairs-min

You can see that we have repaired many cracks and small patches of bad rendering.

When the house has its final coat of paint, no one will be able to see where the repairs have been made.

This is often impossible when using masonry paint, but our wall coatings are 20 times the thickness of paint, so when looking to obtain a house painting quote, it is essential you choose a company that use the best quality paints and coatings

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation is the key to a successful wall coating job

The next stage is to mask up the doors and the windows, and also wrap up the pipes and gutters.

This means we don’t make any mess, plus it also means once we finish the spraying, the paper is then removed, leaving us time to hand-finish around doors and windows for that extra finishing touch.

You can see this process has been done below, plus we have applied the off-white primer coat.

You can see our team member setting up the spray machine, a heavy duty system we have shipped over from Minneapolis in the USA specifically to do this type of work.

With all the ancillary items for the pump, these each cost around £3,500 for us to buy (!) but they last a lifetime.

Your common outdoor wall paint and its application is far less involved than this!

Here we can see the walls repaired, the masking done, and the primer coating being applied to the walls

Spraying wall coating on a house in Bristol-min

The rear of the house was in fairly good condition, with most repairs needed around the side, an elevation which took most of the wind driven rain each year.

Not any more as it is now fully protected from all kinds of weather.

You can see, as we did at the front, we have masked it up and applied a special “Wethertex” primer.

We take a heck of a lot of the allotted time in preparation.

This job from start to finish took 4 days.

We see the rear now, at the stage just before we apply our wall coating system

ear of bristol house being painted with an exterior wall coating-min


Why is vital to repair a house before applying a sprayed wall coating?

Quite simply, and apart from it being the manufacturers recommended installation method, if repairs, like we are doing here, are NOT carried out, the wall coating will NOT last it’s expected lifespan of 20 years, it’s as simple as that.

As we guarantee each and every job we do, and we have done so since 1986, we would not still be in business as we would be constantly repairing our work, for free, and would have gained a poor reputation over the years.

The positive comments from our previous customers are testimony to our professionalism and the approach we take to each and every house painting job that we do.

So what does the house look like now it’s been painted with wethertex wall coatings?

Here is the rear of the house, completely finished, painted and weatherproofed, with a 20 year guarantee. Excuse the photography (!), no the house was NOT falling down a hole.


Rear of bristol house painted-min


This house is now completely maintenance free, requiring no more home improvements externally, and at a cost which may surprise you.

No it’s not an expensive process, although saying that, it is not cheap and we are glad about that, but think how much you will save over a period of 20 years of no more painting.

Finally, this is how the front of the house turned and we’re quite pleased!

Front of Bristol house after wall coating application-min

Looks quite posh now doesn’t it?

This textured exterior wall coating is now guaranteed for 20 years to stay looking as good as it does in the photo today.

Having us repair and paint your home (or business) is painless, gimmick-free, hassle-free and I am sure you will agree, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

We have completed many projects in and around Bristol, including properties in St. Pauls, a semi in  Westbury on Trym, Portishead, Severn beach, Stoke Gifford, Weston super mare, Almondsbury, Clifton, and many more areas of the city.

If you would like your house repaired and painted this year (and we can do it all year round, even in winter) then click CONTACT above, or call us, Monday to Saturday, FREE, on 0800 970 4928

Turn your has-been house, into a must-have home, with NEVER PAINT AGAIN

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