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We can paint your house exterior in autumn and winter, and guarantee it for 20 years!

Did you know your home Can be painted during winter?

You didn’t? Well it CAN! House painting in the winter IS possible.

Our hardy teams are still braving the weather and weatherproofing homes and businesses across the United Kingdom as we speak, but how do they do it?

Your local painter and decorator has probably chucked in the towel for this year and signed on the dole for the cold months but we’re made of stronger stuff than that!

Believe it or not, our teams are STILL WORKING, in some cases, on houses across the nation, but how?!

Most regular painters and decorators are snugly tucked up in bed as it is too cold for them to work unless they can get some interior painting and decorating, so how does NEVER PAINT AGAIN keep on working 12 months of the year?

Essentially: Masonry paint freezes, our wall coatings don’t.

One of the most important points we can highlight to you is the fact that normal masonry paint is WATER BASED and therefore, like water, it can freeze.

Dulux weathershield paint is coloured water

The special wall coatings we use are made from resins and have a low freeze point and therefore can easily be applied to your home during cold weather.

Of course in extreme cases there are exceptions, but we make sure that we work safely and effectively during the cold weather and if you CONTACT US, we would be more than happy to explain how this works.

Here is how an exterior wall coating team copes with cold weather

1) Our special air powered spray pumps (used to apply the exterior wall coating) are often “insulated” from the cold by wrapping blankets around them! (that’s a top trade tip!)

2) The thick large hoses that run from the air compressor to the spray machine sometimes have moisture in them which freezes, so from time to time during the work, the pipes are disconnected and any air is blown out to avoid freezing.

The pipes are then “lagged” with dustsheets to keep them warm.

3) Our work teams have to wear extra thick clothing, gloves, hats etc to keep them warm and much of the work is condensed into the few hours of daylight during the day

Sometimes lights can be used when the sun vanishes, so the men can carry on working, but only if it is safe to do so.

4) We minimise the use of water when working on your home during cold spells. If extensive rendering is required, or powerwashing, we may sometimes not be able to carry on and have to wait for warmer days.

5) We can add a “febmix” render curing retarder to slow the curing process down and also make sure the render does not crack after application.

This is also because, and especially with power washing and cleaning walls, the water will run off onto the ground and if it is too cold, the water will of course freeze and make it very unsafe underfoot.

6) We tend to avoid ladder work during cold spells if possible as the rungs can be come slippery and potentially hazardous, not a problem for bungalows though!

A bungalow having been painted externally in cumbria with wethertex textured wall coating

7) Our men require more cups of tea during the winter time!

If you plan to be at work (etc) while the men are working, please let them know so they can bring hot flasks of tea etc, plus if there is a café etc nearby, please let them know!

It’s important to prepare your house for winter as not doing so can cause problems, which can become expensive.

Would having exterior wall coating work during the Winter period, be hassle?

No, not all.

We do our best, at any time of the year, to minimise any disruption to your normal routine.

Unlike your local “I’ll do you a good price for cash missus” builders, our coating and insulation installation teams concentrate solely on your home until the job is finished and we don’t say we are “just off to pick up some cement” and then vanish for 2 months!

We refurbish shop fronts too!
We often renovate business premises during winter, to minimise any disruption to their busy trading periods.

……And if you are worried about workmen around the house at Christmas time, relax (!), we of course worker shorter hours during this time of year and there are admittedly some times when the weather is just TOO BAD for us to work and we have to admit defeat but those times are rare!

If you are having the exterior of your home repaired and weatherproofed by us at Xmas time, we don’t leave your home like a building site, we are clean and tidy workers, and we wont get in your way during the festive period and the site will be left clean and tidy during Christmas itself.

“You can also take advantage of our LOWER PRICES at this time of year, place an order with us, and you can then schedule the start of the work up to 6 months in advance!”

So in summary, don’t put off getting a quote to have the outside of your home insulated and protected with an Exterior wall coating, in the winter time, not only will you get OUR BEST, LOWEST PRICE at any time of the year.

Your home will be protected from the weather, your walls will not feel cold, your heating bills will be lower, and all damp will be cured, and of course, your house will look amazing.

….and this is all covered by our 20 year guarantee!

Call us today on 0800 970 4928 or email us here

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