front of bungalow in chester with never paint again wall coating

Restoring the exterior walls of a modern bungalow, in Chester. No more painting!

We like to think most of us keep our homes, our largest asset, in good condition, but just adding layer and layer of paint every year sometimes just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Sometimes exterior walls need to be restored, to repair the ravages of time and the British weather, just like this house we recently renovated, in Chester.

Here is a brief outline of the work we did to this house.

Restoring the exterior walls of a modern bungalow: How we did it.

The thing with owning a house is that your home needs maintenance, as any home does, not only to keep its value, but also to remain free of hassle.

This often means getting a decorator in every year to slap some paint on the house, which over time, can see costs mount up, plus mess and hassle each year.

Not with our wall coating system, perfect for getting outside house paint ideas if you are stumped as to what to do with your house exterior.

All repairs needed to your home are skilfully carried out prior to painting

gable end repaired render patch and applying primer coating

That’s the big difference between ourselves and a traditional house painter; we make sure your home is in perfect condition before we even consider getting the paint out of the van!

This property had been painted several times over the years, but various areas of hollow render had not been seen to, resulting in the problem getting worse.

Our teams tested the entire wall surface area to identify problem areas where we found cracks and loose render, which we then removed and replaced with brand new render.

Here we can see the repairs have been done to the walls

Rear of house with masked up windows and repairs completed

Those repairs will NOT show through the coating once the house has been painted, we guarantee that.

The next stage after all the repairs were done was to hand apply a primer coating to the whole house, and then allow to dry.

We spend a great deal of time protecting areas not to be spray painted such as the floors, gardens, windows, pipes etc, so once we’re done and dusted we simply remove the masking and pack it away for environmental disposal.

Here is some more work in progress spraying the house

Primer coating on walls before applying a wall coating

The good thing about doing a job like this, a bungalow, is the fact that all areas of the house can be reached either from the ground, or a short stepladder!

We also painted the detached garage, which was a different wall surface area (brick) so we had to use an additional primer coating to the walls.

We couldn’t leave the garage out once the rest of the house looked so good!

Brickwork painted with a new wall coating around red garage door

The whole job took about 3 days from start to finish, in overcast but dry weather.

The spraying part of the job is the easiest and quickest part of the whole project and enables us to apply the wall coating is a thick and durable finish, one that will go on looking this good for the next 20 years.

Spraying wall coatings in action!

Spraying wall coating to gable end wall

So what exactly are the benefits of having this painting system applied to my home?

  • No fading, chipping, cracking or peeling
  • Resists rain, snow, dirt, mould and pollution
  • Lowers your home heating bills, saving money.
  • A 20 year written guarantee
  • Conceals cracks, scruffy pebbledash and uneven walls.
  • Cures mould, condensation and penetrating damp.
  • Never fades, with beautiful shades, textures and colours.
  • Stops erosion, cracks, flaky paint, damp and mould.

Rear of house after an application of a never paint again wall coating

Once we have finished all aspects of the work, the customer is invited back outside to see their newly renovated home exterior.

All work comes with a 20 year guarantee, further details on request.

This service is available throughout England and Wales.

For a free consultation and to arrange a quote, call us now on 0800 970 4928 or use our contact form here.

Project carried out by: The Never Paint Again Wall Coating Co., Unit 2, Dolly lane Business centre, Dolly lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS9 7NN.

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