Exterior House Painting; an example in Derbyshire

Does the outside of your house need painting yet again? Exterior house painting is what we do best, (of course!), and it is certainly what we have taken immense pleasure and pride in since 1986. Unlike your typical “Jobbing Builder”, repairing, making good and then painting the external walls of your home is the...

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5 fascinating facts you never knew about bungalows!

Today we are looking at Bungalows! So why do we love these squat little homes so much? There are LOADS of bungalows in my area, although in part, this has to be understood in the context of the sheer amount of retired people who live on the south coast, but did we build these...

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Wall coatings cambridge

Cambridge bungalow with the NEVER PAINT AGAIN system

View another example of a Spray applied Never Paint Again external wall Coating job, this time, it’s a bungalow on the outskirts of Cambridge! This lovely bungalow was a credit to its owners and sits in a large and well tended garden....

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