westbury on trym front after painting

Using Wethertex long life coatings to paint this house in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Never Paint Again is the UK’s foremost wall coating and house painting company and we work nationwide installing our super long life durable wall coatings to homes built with pebbledash, like this one in Westbury on Trym, Bristol.

Take a look at the work we did and the before and after pictures.

Here is an example of the work we did to a semi detached pebble dashed house in Bristol, May 2018.

We have been writing about many of the jobs we do for years now, and we often create a page like this, to explain the work we do, what we did, and how we went about doing it.

The problem with that is I start to repeat myself (!) as we have HUNDREDS of examples of our wall coating and house painting work on this site so I will try and make this brief and you can work out what we did from the photos.

This is what this Semi detached property looked like before we started work.

Bristol pebbledash before wall coatings


An ordinary and unassuming pebbledashed, semi-detached house in a nice street in North Bristol.

Looked after and of a good construction but as you can see over time, the exterior looks dull and doesn’t do the rest of the house any justice.

The house dates from 1937, so to be fair, the exterior walls have stood the test of time pretty well.


front of house before coatings


At least the sun was shining when we did the work, although bear in mind as we do not use normal house paint for this, our resin-based wall coatings do not freeze and therefore we can use them in winter too.

This is what the back of the house in Bristol looked like on day one

Rear bristol pebbledashed house before painting


Over time ugly stains have appeared on the walls, under the windows and at the eaves, giving an overall grubby appearance.

This is quite a common thing over time, especially with a wall with a heavy texture, as the dirt and grime gets stuck on top of each bit of texture, causing an even more ugly appearance.

We got to work laying dustsheets down to avoid any mess.

westbury on trym before painting


What did we do next to this house?

After the path and drive was protected, we masked up the doors and windows and applied (by hand) a cement slurry over the entire wall, which dries to a matte grey finish, seals in any loose pebbledash and fills the millions of tiny holes and dips in the wall.

After that dried, we applied a weatherproof primer and then sprayed a very thick coating of our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured exterior wall coating system, which once applied, looks like paint but outlasts it by many years, in fact the house will now look this good (see below) for up to 25 years!

Remember we are the ONLY GENUINE “Never Paint Again” in the UK so beware of cheap copies as there are a few around.

And now to reveal, the “after” photos of what the house looks like with our sprayed wall coating on it.


front of bristol semi after exterior wall painting

WOW! What a difference!

Here’s a shot taken from the street so you can see the whole house with its new exterior wall finish


Long view of bristol house after painting


Here is the rear of the house looking ship shape and Bristol fashion!

If you compare it with the before photo further up this page you can see how clean and welcoming the house now looks.

It will carry on looking this good, with no need to paint for up to 25 years.


rear of bristol house after wall coating


Another nice view of the front, and of course compare it with the before photo at the top of the page.


westbury on trym front after painting

So as you can see the job went very well and the owners were over the moon!

Here is what this customer had to say about the work we did to this house

“….we are absolutely delighted with the finish to our house.

Danny worked extremely hard and was always courteous and helpful. If anything, the house looks better than we hoped it would, and has drawn approving comments from family and neighbours alike. Regards and thank you.”

Geoff and Diana “S.” Westbury on Trym, Bristol.

How much does this wall coating system cost?

Obviously you will be reassured to learn that we keep all information about our customers confidential so we are not allowed to tell you exactly how much this contract came to, including VAT.

……however the cost is based on the size of the wall area, how much repair is needed (in this case, not much), how high the house is, and the condition of the house at present.

The more repair work we do to a house, the more it costs and we never ever skimp or cut corners, all work is done “by the book” and if you want a free survey and price quote, we would list all this in detail when we come to a cost, which is given to you in writing for you to think about.

We paint houses up down the UK so if you are interested in this long life painting system, give us a call now on 0800 970 4928 or click CONTACT¬† and let’s talk!

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